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I very much like the artstyle (I can see you are based Hyper Light Drifter appreciators).

Here are my critiques:

1. PLEASE give us an option to disable chromatic aberration and vignette. I absolutely despise these effects.

2. The letterboxing during parries is very jarring and unnecessary.

3. No need for the "Press [button] to do thing" prompts more than once. They're unnecessary and negatively impact the atmosphere. If the player sees a lever, they'll understand trying to press the interact key next to it.

4. The dust effect when sprinting looks a bit silly.

5. Simple blade has a typo in its description ("it's" should be "its"), and Cutlass repeats "Pretty nice sword" over the entire description area.

6. Sang's response to Malak's second book would be better worded as "Whatever these priests were", not "Whatever were these priests" - the latter would be used for questioning.

7. The "spark" effect when cutting objects looks a bit out of place in the artstyle, in my opinion.

8. Similar to Sang's response, the first part of the Symbol of Poison description would be better phrased "Your weapon applies poison damage over time to your target, lasting 4 seconds." Would also be nice to know how much damage the poison does.

Hello! Thank you for your feedback!

1. Lot's of these effect like Chromatic aberration and noise filter are gone and won't be in the next update. Vignette is staying but will likely have an option to be disabled in the future.

2. I agree it's quite jarring and will likely be gone in the future. The reason why it's happening is it's tied to some of the systems that make sure you can't move and are immortal etc.

3. Levers are pretty obvious I agree but there might be some more vague things like the drawing on the wall that you can interact with in the demo. I think it's fine as it is for now.

The grammar errors will be fixed towards the end of development as I will have people which's first language is english check it. Effect and all that will also be changing throughout the development .

Thanks again for trying out the demo!

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No problem - I wish you well!

Glad to hear you take polite criticism well - makes me even more excited for the game. The more games that give me the same dread and mystery of Hyper Light Drifter, the better.

In regards to the interaction button, perhaps instead you could have a simple interaction marker that floats over things when you're near them, like Hyper Light Drifter does?