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Are we gonna get another

This game isn't being developed further, sorry. You can still play the demo, which is available below. tis' a shame, though it's important to move on to newer and better projects."
here sooner or later too? >:-(

I refuse to replay this game until either it's improved far enough to include a save feature or until it is abandoned, just like that other great game that was brutally murdered off :'-(


This one is definitely abandoned, super sorry about that! Making such a huge game in such a small time resulted in some... messy code and hacking a save system on top just wasn't feasible. And whilst I wanted to fix the hundred odd bugs and issues in the game, I lost steam on that as loading times in the unity editor increased to ridiculous proportions (it seriously takes 10 minutes to enter play mode and another 10 to exit. If I want to test something, it takes 20 minutes to do so). This game definitely will not receive an update. 

hm, so this is abandoned, everest is abandoned.

so I best remeber this channel as the one where published stuff is the final product, since it will be abandoned soone ror later without further updates.

jeez thanks for the motivation and support. Appreciated.