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Oh this so much fun! We only really met two characters (four if you include those cheeky fireflies!) and they were both hilariously weird and very fun to act (even if my voice acting range isn't very wide haha!).

The style is a delight (I particularly enjoyed the leaves floating down in the foreground), the art has a lovely traditional feel to it which makes even our homeless wood-dwelling friend look kind of pretty (although let's not do him too many favours).

The two puzzles on display were both very good too, having to align the beetles on the vines was challenging but not frustrating and then figuring out the jar... that took a lot more doing but we got there in the end!

I'm itching for more of this, and really hope this little prototype becomes larger and gets the recognition it deserves! Keep up the amazing work =)


@MikeyBlighe, thank you for for feedback! <3 We are happy to hear, that you like our prototype! We are still working on that piece & hope that we will soon show you an improved version of Nor'easter :)