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TL;DR The BFN is a new faction for FIST seemingly inspired by the likes of SCP and Control. It is heavily themed after office paperwork, magical bureaucracy and secret societies. Using the module requires a +5 in parsing really tedious officespeak and that is either its only flaw or greatest strength.

The Bureau For Normalization inherits ideas from a lot of familiar black or conspiracy factions with goals for 'protection'. Think SCP and Control's FBC mixed with the tedium of government paperwork and IKEA instruction manuals. To protect the safe mundanity of our world, we must become mundane ourselves. So committed to safeguarding mundanity is the BFN that reading this module will either frustrate you with how steeped in red tape language it is or fascinate you with its sheer post-irony.

The BFN comes with a few cool things: some well-written lore on what the BFN does and how they do it, a few sample reports from the BFN itself, a new Stress mechanic, some new traits and most importantly, two pages worth of really interesting mission hooks which will surely impress fans of the paracorporate office horror genre.


Thanks for the review! I was a bit curious on how this whole bureaucratic design concept would translate into the supplement and I'm glad that it worked the way you describe it.
On a different note you should trademark the ''Paracorporate Office Horror'' concept. It just hits all the right nails.

Glad the review was able to help! I really like the idea and smaller games/modules really deserve more ratings/feedback on Itchio.

I'm officially using this comment to announce ''Paracorporate Office Horror'' as a concept and genre to be public domain. Credit this entire page and comment feed if you want.