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OK SO IM BACKKK i literally spent all my time trying different options and lord.. the moment i think i discovered all the routes A NEW ONE UNRAVELS like bruhh.

im honestly in love w this game and mathias, i hope the queen lives and marries helena i'll be devastated if she dies :(((

their expressions and the way everyone's feelings are conveyed is.. arcane

you, my dear creator are INSAAAAAANE how'd you even come up w this?? this is truly terrific i cant get enough of it

i honestly CAAAANNNt wait for matt's coronation i wanna see what a kind king he'll be and ofc.. what a tyrant lmao BUT ANYWAYYY im exCITED

my fav character is obv matt, he's a sweetheart i love him sm

i really was abt mand i hope theyre happy but what they said.. made the hair on my neck STANNND 

if you make future games i'll deff play, and im obbbbv gonna check your wattie im sure its amazing<3

i hope youre doing okay!! never push or strain yourself

happy pride<333


Thank you sooooo muuuuch! ç-ç This is such a beautiful comment, I ç-ç 

I'm super glad you enjoyed my game, I'll work hard to make the next chapters (and games) even better. Thank you for playing! ♥♥♥