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A bit disappointed there was no victory screen after the last foe, or anything elaborating on what the last foe was saying. Slightly disappointed that there's no secret ending when dying on the enemy begging you not to kill it (unless that was the hero?)

Was fun to try the different strategies, 3 skull dies are never worth using, the best and safest strategy is just having 1 skull die then stacking until you can deal tons of damage with the powerup. Primarily focusing on the white skull die also works if you make sure to minimize the amount of skulls in your deck otherwise, but it's higher risk and you need to be smarter about how you use your die in the last two fights. 

Haha yeah I can understand the anticlimax I ran out of time on the jam so I could add more levels to expand the story. Super sorry!

And yeah, the 3 skull dice are very risky without much reward right now, gonna need to tweak that for sure.

Thank you so much for the good feedback and thanks for playing!