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The main blink mechanic didn't seem to work for me but I liked the concept

Oh man, this was painful to watch x-)
I'm sorry it didn't work for you. Here are a few tips :

  • Blinking is not enough, you are invisible only as long as your eyes are closed
  • Invisible doesn't mean the Monster disappears, it just means it can't see you anymore
  • If you close your eyes right in front of the Monster, it will still come to you (even if you are invisible, he remembers your position)
  • Your best bet when you feel in danger is to close your eyes then keep moving in any direction. This way, even if the Monster saw you disappear, it would have no idea where you are now
  • When you move with your eyes closed, you can still guess where the Monster is thanks to the creaking sound it makes when it walks. If you hear this sound, keep your eyes closed until the Monster leaves

I hope it helps. But that being said, I'm pretty sure your last death was unfair : you did everything that you were supposed to.

Anyway, thank you for playing and for making a video of your playthrough!
Even if you did not fully enjoy your experience, I'm learning a lot by seeing people playing. It helps me create better games :-)