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Got a nice and healthy 249
Is it good?

Fantastic game! Quite challenging too <3

I love frogs. Best game ever!

Really cool concept, and great execution!

Honestly with a bigger skill tree and more difficult maps, or possibility to go deeper / start deeper to find more challenging digging, this would make a game I would happily pay for.

Great job! It's really good what you managed to do in just a few hours, and it was neat to put all of it on the same page :-)

That's always a winning strategy!

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Thank you! I only drew the main character :-p

Edit: I don't mean the cat, I mean the character you control.

Such a fun and good looking game!
Great job!

Thanks Linus ! I was a bit frustrated to not have more time to work on level design and balancing difficulty, but I'm happy with the overall result :-)

Nice puzzle game. And you made so many levels too !
Great job !  :-)

Hello! Fellow homie here at Spelkollektivet! (the only French guy I guess)

I tried your game but I couldn't get very far because of the controls.

I know a bit of Unity/C# so maybe I can take a fresh look if you want :-)

I absolutely love the art of this game!

This is, without a doubt, the best game in the jam!

Chouette jeu ! :-)

J'ai passé un bon moment. GG à toute la team !

Hi! Thank you for your video and your kind comment!

Sorry you couldn't find the key. Better luck next time :-)

Keep making videos!

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That's a great video ! Thank you very much for playing our game !

I noticed you died several times on the edge of the forest. It's due to our implementation of the boundaries of the level : when you are almost outside of the level (which is empty), the Monster will automatically and quite quickly reach and kill you. This prevents you to exit the map.

If you stay inside the forest, the behavior of the Monster should be easier to understand and to predict :-)

Edit: your thumbnail kicks ass !

Thank you very much for your feedback and for your video! I'm glad you managed to find your way back home safely ;-)

Great video!

Thank you for playing and sharing!

The game was not tested on Linux so I don't really know what's happening.

Did you try to use the wheel on your mouse to "blink" on the title screen ? This is how you are supposed to start the game.

(Dying on title screen is a known bug feature)

Nice video! Congratulations on beating the game, even if it can be confusing sometimes. And sorry about the instadeath at game launch, it's a bug we need to fix :-)

Hi! Thank you for playing our game! 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Thank you for playing and for sharing your video.

Such a cute game ! I had a bad ending and a good one. Are there more ?

Thank you for making this game ! :-)

Thank you very much for your feedback !

I totally agree with you about the lack of landmarks. If I could change something, I would add more 3D props (different kind of trees, rocks, roads, maybe vehicles ? a lake ? buildings ?) and I would remake the level design from scratch. Maybe we could take inspiration from the game Slender to make clearly identifiable areas.

We tried to do out  best on the sound design, but I feel like there's room for improvement too.
The "shriek" you heard came from some Watcher trees. They are not dangerous, but they call the Monster when they see you. When you hear the shriek, either the Monster is far away and you have time to flee before it reaches you, or the Monster is nearby and you need to close your eyes quickly. Also, the Monster is wandering in the forest and can still find you by chance, without even hearing the shriek.

Do Blink was made in a few days during a game jam.
At first, we did not plan to update it that much. But the game is still downloaded and played regularly by new people, so maybe it would be worth our time to keep updating it. (I can't promise anything, the original team split a while ago).

Anyway, thank you again for playing, and for taking the time to give us proper feedback :-)

Cheers !

Thanks for playing ! You were close to the key at one point (near the rocks). Very close...

Thank you for playing ! You actually made it to the end of the game ! Congratulations :-)

The controls have been updated fairly recently, sorry for the inconvenience.

Nice video, and thanks for playing our game!

In the latest update of the game, I fixed the WASD-controls and game-over-with-eyes-closed issues.
The random death-at-spawn-time bug still remains, for now.

Hope you had a good time with Do Blink !

In fact, all WAZQSD keys should work on any keyboard at all time. If it is not the case, maybe download the last build and retry it ?

Thank you for playing the game and for posting your video !
I thought I did put a pause on the game when the title screen was displayed, but obviously I didn't :-o
Or maybe my last update modified this... Oh ! The joy of programming !

This is not a video of my game ;-) but thank you anyway

Thank you very much for giving me a few bucks for the game ! This is rare, and I appreciate it :-)

Yes, you win, I'll change that and update the game soon :-)

Oh man, this was painful to watch x-)
I'm sorry it didn't work for you. Here are a few tips :

  • Blinking is not enough, you are invisible only as long as your eyes are closed
  • Invisible doesn't mean the Monster disappears, it just means it can't see you anymore
  • If you close your eyes right in front of the Monster, it will still come to you (even if you are invisible, he remembers your position)
  • Your best bet when you feel in danger is to close your eyes then keep moving in any direction. This way, even if the Monster saw you disappear, it would have no idea where you are now
  • When you move with your eyes closed, you can still guess where the Monster is thanks to the creaking sound it makes when it walks. If you hear this sound, keep your eyes closed until the Monster leaves

I hope it helps. But that being said, I'm pretty sure your last death was unfair : you did everything that you were supposed to.

Anyway, thank you for playing and for making a video of your playthrough!
Even if you did not fully enjoy your experience, I'm learning a lot by seeing people playing. It helps me create better games :-)

You're not the first to ask! We are actively considering it right now :-)

I'll explain a bit the "random" part (which, I know, is frustrating) :

When you open your eyes, you are visible both by the Monster and by some "watching trees". These trees can give away your position to the Monster (the big scream you hear). The Monster then runs to this position.
If you keep your eyes open, you are visible, and the Monster can see you (if it does, it will run towards you and kill you).
If you close your eyes, you become invisible, but your "last known position" remains. The Monster will still go to that position.

The "random" part happens when you are seen by the trees, then close your eyes. The Monster goes to the position where you have been seen, then moves around this position. If you close your eyes and stay still, there is a chance that the Monster bumps into you (it means Game Over).

My advice would be to always keep moving after closing your eyes.

We are not planning to update the game for now (unless it gets a crazy amount of attention somehow), but what we could do on our side is to disable the collisions with the Monster when your eyes are fully closed.
Maybe it would be too easy though.

Anyway, thank you very much for your feedback :-)

Awesome video! Thank you for sharing it, and congratulations on finishing the game (I heard the Monster coming towards you just when you opened the door at the end, that was rad!)

Thank you so much for playing our game, and for making a video of your playthrough!

You got pretty unlucky at first, the Monster found you when you had your eyes closed. It actually found you randomly (it really couldn't see you). It may feel a bit unfair, but we decided to keep the feature, we thought it would make for a nice jump scare ;-)

About controls. We were using AZERTY keyboards. That's why we chose to use ZQSD for movements instead of WASD. If we had more time we would have made it possible to change it in some Settings screen.

Anyway, congratulations on finishing the game !
And thank you again for sharing your video, this is really appreciated :-)

Merci encore :-) 

Je viens d'ajouter la possibilité de faire un don pour ce projet, mais sachez qu'il n'est plus en développement aujourd'hui. Sauf cas exceptionnel, je ne pense pas le reprendre. En revanche, le code source est accessible.

Merci beaucoup ! Le jeu est disponible en Anglais si cela peut vous aider (vous pouvez changer la langue sur l'écran titre).

Super jeu ! J'attends l'éditeur de niveaux :-)

Awesome puzzle game ! I'm waiting for the level editor now ;-)