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The main blink mechanic didn't seem to work for me but I liked the concept

Loved the game, sunk a fast hour into it, was extremely fun. Had a few comments or nitpicks that I address in my let's play, things that I think could enhance the gameplay experience but all in all was very enjoyable.

Could not for the life of me figure out how to win but still a good game!

I LOVE this series can't wait for more!

One of the best indie games I have ever played, absolutely hysterical

Love this, written well and looks gorgeous can't wait to finish it.

Great, great, great game. So interesting and fun one of the best puzzle games I've ever played!

REALLY fun game, most likely going to play it again, is there a way to kill that thing?

I ruined everything...I'M SO SORRY

Difficult but fun


Loved it!

LOVED this game, super challenging but really fun. Could see this being a full fledged game with multiple levels, great work!

Loved the concept, may need some polish on the camera controls but really fun to play

That last jump took me WAY too long lol

I loved this game I need MORE

Absolutely LOVE this game, challenging but fun and looks so so nice

Ah I don't remember but it may have been a lower res I'll try it again at 1920x1080

Loved it, got me a few times. Wish there were more enemy designs (unless there are I didn't get past 3AM) 

I deleted the game but it happens when it seems like I get close to edges also happened once when I touched the car with my character 

Absolutely loved this game, it got me a few times

Tried playing this weird image stuff kept happening and I would find it hard to get out of it cause I could not see my character, not sure if glitch or part of the game but it's very confusing 

We found one pair! lol

Loved the atmosphere, couldn't figure out how to unlock the one door though!

Loved the game but it was a bit buggy for us, we can't wait to play it again once those are fixed.

We're not very good at these dating sims, loved the game tho!

Love the concept, need more levels!

Absolutely loved the art style of this and the ambience of it

Loved every second of this, super difficult but fun as Hell!

Loved the ambience this game had, look forward to future workings!

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the support!

Not what we thought this was gonna be but we got the good ending so it all worked out!

Took some turns that we were not expecting, loved it!

We got dem sweet moves...?

Needs more Jeff Goldblum 

Love the lore NEED MORE

Can't wait for the full game!