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Oh you were totally right. I was indeed able to re-import some .23d files but then i don't remember how i manage to create them in the fist place. I just did it randomly. 

I know it sounds like a stupid question, but could you please tell me how to save those files in the first place? So I will know for sure how i save them from now on?

I also noticed that different files are saved in different folders with their "exports" too, which is awesome.

Also could we get a "warning" for the "build" command? when i come back from "camera" and i hit the build bouton, it simply "close" my current work, allowing me to only either create a new object or select one of the previously saved ones. It would be cool if it does gives us a warning.

About the behavior you talked about, can it not only detect but if tiles will be overwritten and let us know but also give us the option to save with a different name (like when you want to save a file with idm and it suggest if you should add a number to the new files and keep both files)?

About the saving is not a stupid question at all, more like a stupid oversight from my end. I only add feature after feature to the menu but I think it's time to overhaul the menu a bit. Currently you can only save once you have changed something in the editor, which will mark your filename as changed (you should see a * next to the name at the top). When you then click close it should save it. I have to improve the saving stuff - which will include the export overwrite things that I need to fix as well.

The build command - oops, I think that is actually a bug, sorry. You should never loose any work, and yes it should ask you if you want to save.  Will see if I can fix for the next release.

The saving stuff won't be in the upcoming 0.7 version as I try to release fairly frequently and am pretty busy currently with the next big feature (editing layers - finally! but psst, don't tell anyone :D ).