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I am happy you liked it! It was quite fun to watch you play (I like your voice by the way!).

I see I probably should not have put in the fullscreen button since the game itself does not expand; and anyway, I like how it looks in its little box (which is foursquare, incidentally).  My other game is more suited for fullscreen.

The book weapon is a sort of statement: what combats fear and darkness even more than a cannon? (Of course this is usually not by smashing things with a book; though this adds the statement that the bigger the book the better!)

The other day I added this sound effect when you get the cannon.

Hey Kneeling,  thanks for leaving a message! I realised half way through I shouldn't have fullscreened it, but it still looked great, the artwork is really cool and varied. I liked smashing creatures with the book, it looks light a big weighty tome, more fun than the cannon...though the Kobold head on a stick was inspired. Thanks again, great game!

You can go inside the Encyclopedia if you get a perfect score and find the Easter egg! The kobold head was from a brainstorm session; the other three were thought of more easily. In the brainstorm my sister thought of a taser moustache, which I am definitely going to use in another adventure!

Oh sorry, I just found out my other game I linked to was broken! It's fixed now. It is larger than this one, and more difficult if you do not use the hints.

Hey! thanks for the message, will definately go take a look!

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Let me know how far you get (or if it is too boring)!

I am thinking of putting at least one of the hints in the description since there is a spot that is probably impossible without it. Basically the hint is a list of the items you are looking for, and there is a spot where it is mathematically unlikely to find what you are looking for if you don't have the list. So yes, I will go add it.