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This is a cute little game... I'd almost say it's perfect if the time spent on the island were a few days longer to really hype up the suspense of being stranded and possibly "hunted" by a killer. Not sure if there's any future plans to expand the scope of the island content as the game ends on a happily ever after (or not) as it stands, leaving behind many mysteries about the killer and MC's backstory, to say nothing of all the other guys' backstories which are still a bit barebones. But it's great fun even as it stands now, though I wish there was more scope to play detective outside the Alex route.

Thanks for your feed back and hope you had a good time on DD. :)

All mysteries will be solved on Ekram’s free DLC. And player needs to back to island to find out the truth. please look forward to it. :)


If you solve all the mysteries (unlike say "Lost") you'll definitely have gained a fan for life!

All mysteries will be solved, just need a while... :p