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Yes, you can change language to Chinese in Game setting. :D

If you use very old save file(v1.7.1 before) to continue a new version(After v1.7.1), the game will be stock. 

it is, English dialogue will correct in final product as well. :p

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unfortunately, this game is not going to onboard on steam. :(

I already made it thought a tool, thanks for reply me. :)

Hey, dear creator. could you do a tool to force players to use the Itch App run the Unity game?

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dear itch tech team.

First I want to say thanks for provide a awesome platform for indie-game developers.

May I ask is there any way to ask player runing game via

I bought two itch api tools from unity asset store but they are not work properly…

And I don’t really understand how to use the api… It’s a very important request especially If when we start to selling final game product on

Please help us. Thanks! :)

Don't worry! there still the last Full verstion compaign on

Hey Hikiyami!

Thanks for play and podcast Dead Dating. :)

The English dialogues will get correcting work when in the future version. :p

You missed a lot clues in your room. lol

yes the campaign is finished. But maybe I will run some campaign together it for free in the future. :)


New Loading speed is faster a lot. so I didn't do the delete save slot function at moment. :)

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Yes, there is the November campaign is coming

I’m glad it’s useful. :D

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Thank you for the help and understanding.
It's really difficult to promo Dead Dating to public media with NSFW version.
So..... :(

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Hey, Dantdanielson! 

Thanks for asking! There is the last campaign about R18 version, you can check here

Hey guys! The November campaign is coming up! :D

Thanks for your support! :D

The Early access will keep update, The link you got is the Official download location for the official game. :D

Yes, The Public version is no Adult content. :D

there is a last campaign in November, you can get it there. :)

You should have got a Early access key within 24 hours. and you will get a official key on 23 Dec.

The Asia campaign is finished, please look forward to the next campaign. :D

it depends on the campaign will running in which platform. :D

Hey, Shamarharris815!

If you just want the game itself, the current campaign is work for you as well.
the game is digital product so it could be sent to any where. 

Thanks! :D

Aww, thanks for your support! :D

After Major game finish. ;)
it would be released before next Summer I think.

yes, there are 3 DLCs, Don, Karl and Eleanor. :)

Thanks for your support! :D

Yes, the full game will be emailed/sent on December 23rd. :)

and you don't have to fill out the correct address if you don't have physical deliver request. :D

Because there some location can't connect to the Google cloud database server... :(

I will change back to the old checking system these days.

please wait for few days. :)

If you just want the game, it's okay to order now. :D

Now you can pre-order here:

Thank you! :D

Because I was uploading the new version, now you should able to download it. :)

Because I'm updating the new version.
Please make sure you are play 1.7.8b :D
and I already do the test all email and keys is works. :)

if you can't login please check your key or or send me a message on my Twitter

if you don't have twitter please email to

thanks! :)

They are diffrents, and I'm plan to use cloud save for the official version. :)

I will register you to the Database, so it need few hours.
and you should get the access guide mail from me.

if you don't please sent me an email or private message on my Twitter and let me know your email address.

then I can help you check.

Hey Mardvick.
Now is running a Asia pre-order Campaign. but you can get the game from there as well. :D
please check thia LINK
Thank you! :D

Checking system is under updating till 13. ;)

No walkthrought, but you can check the forum.