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You will never know who the killer is until you play Ekram's DLC, so don;t worry. ;)

Hey Mamzel,

Sorry for missing your message.
I'm sorry I'm afraid I can do nothing about this.

Can you try Paypal?

Hey Natenb,

Thanks for your support, I think we just sent you a key, please check your email. ;)

Hey D.G.
Sorry it's sent out manually, so it's a bit late to reply sometimes.
Please check your email, your key has been sent out. :D 

Hey mojosojo,

Thanks for your kindness, But I might not plan to change the English dialogues at the moment.
because it means I need to remake the voice part, and it's a super expensive cost. 
The EX version might still need to wait for a while... :p
Please look forward to it!
Again, thanks for your kindness and help. <3

Thank you! I'm glad you like Dead Dating. We will do our best to keep making good Bara games. <3

The demo does not need to run with the itch app. It shouldn't stuck in the black scene.
I will check it again. thanks for letting me know.
You can download the iOS or Android demo instead. :D

Hey, I think Stefan just sent you an email, please check your email box. :)

I'm really sorry... But Steam rejected this Game twice (And didn't give my money back...)
I hope the world will be back to normal soon. :(
Maybe I will try to publish the EX version on steam when it's done. but the current version is impossible to publish on Steam. :(

Heh heh, I'm glad you like the new look of MC. sorry, I'm afraid you need to start new game if your save file is gone... :(

The game save file exists on your device, so we can do nothing with it. :(
but the "EX version" will support Cloud save, please look forward to it! :)

Cool! please send us an email to we will send you all the dialogues. thanks for your kindness and help. <3

I haven't started to do the iOS transfer testing work yet, but I think it should be fine. :D

Are you sure? I think all dialogues are over 100,000 words (at least)...

Hey, the demo is still in development so there is nothing you can download from this page yet.
Our Discord is free to join, please make sure you visit the correct one. :)

The demo is still in-development. :)

Hey, I guess you may pause the game for a while.
(Because of my slow development?) :p
So I'm not sure what your save file version is.
But basically, your old save file should be able to fit in the new version. :)

Hey, I guess you must be our previous sponsor right?
Please send us an email to
We will help you find your key and bind your game back to your itch account. ;)

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Yes, it will. but the NSFW version will be published by "Test Flight" and buy key here, same as Dead Dating. :)

Please visit our Discord, you will find a lot of game guides there. :D

No worries, Hope you have enjoyed the D.D. <3

Dear feng,
The files on the download list are the current newest version. (0.5.4)

Further DLCs are still in development. :D

Thank you, Have we had a chat on my Patreon? ;) 

You need to download and launch the game via the itch app. (Like Steam)

You can download it here:
Download App -

Thanks for your support. :) <3

No prob! please send us an email to, Stefan will help you there, so don't worry. ;)

I think Stefan Just sent you a key, please check your email and thanks for your support. :)

You just need to send an Email to after you purchase the game, Stefan will send you a key to your email. :)

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It will only show "ITCH.IO - GAME STORE SAN FRANCISCO"  so don't worry. :)

Dear ThyThyleal,
We just sent you a key please check your email. ;)

Thanks for your support! :D

Thank you! please look forward to it! <3

The demo is still in development, please add it to your collection to get the update news when it released! <3

Dear player, you need to launch Dead Dating  via the Dutch app, please download it here:
Download App -

Thanks for your support! <3

Thanks, we're glad you like the demo, but normally the game won't stop even if you switch to another app, so we're not sure why... @@

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Dear mawwhsu,
Sounds like you played the very old version, please download the itch app and launch the game via the itch app. :)

Download App -

It didn’t start yet, please add it to your collection to get further update news. ;)

Maybe add a Segway? lol

You just need to buy it here, The game is already R18, if you need an Android R18 key just need ti send an email to after you purchased the game, Stefan will send you a key. :)

Heh heh, Thanks for your support and help! love ya! <3