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If you solve all the mysteries (unlike say "Lost") you'll definitely have gained a fan for life!

This is a cute little game... I'd almost say it's perfect if the time spent on the island were a few days longer to really hype up the suspense of being stranded and possibly "hunted" by a killer. Not sure if there's any future plans to expand the scope of the island content as the game ends on a happily ever after (or not) as it stands, leaving behind many mysteries about the killer and MC's backstory, to say nothing of all the other guys' backstories which are still a bit barebones. But it's great fun even as it stands now, though I wish there was more scope to play detective outside the Alex route.

Really like the premise, which seems to be, "What if the Captain Planet boys were gay?" I hope no one gets saddled with the power of heart though... that one always seemed a little lame to me. :)

While at first glance MC has been sidelined in his/her own story, that's not exactly the whole story. The events of the episode also vastly expand the range of possibilities for the MC, who now has a real army to play some role in commanding, real allies to work with, and new options to explore.

[spoilers ahead]

The return of his sister doesn't also purely relegate MC to the sidelines. Remember how explicit the game was in highlighting MC's loyalty to his sister? Remember how even MC starts reflecting that his sister may be at least as cunning as she is kind? The path ahead is set up with potential future conflict or hard decisions for MC if his sister acts in ways he disagrees with or takes exception to the allies she wants to work with or the deals she cuts to regain power.

And his sister may not be as powerful as she appears at first glance. She comments that *you* and *your* mother are keys to the Tilaarin alliance, and the daughter of the current Tilaarin leader is in *your* corner, as well as the captain and crew of Andromeda, your own love interest (if any), Vexx, and perhaps even some of the other alien races or off-worlders (if you're an alien). You might have every opportunity to replace your sister at some point as leader of the rebellion, should you so choose.

They set up lots of interesting possibilities for this story arc in episode 6, from what I can see. It'll be fascinating to see if the possibilities branch.