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You mean Braniac with AND without Albert? I haven't beaten either yet. Devon9141 was the one who confirmed that you can only get the achievement if you don't use Albert along the way, since he's the only one to have done both without glitches. Using Albert in braniac will earn you nothing but another rusty fork. I wish Dr. Nose would change that so Braniac with Albert would count as a regular braniac achievement. The farthest I've ever gotten in braniac w/out Albert was 5 notebooks with help from the gas mask, and I had 10/11 notebooks with Albert's help, but I always die whenever I searched for the 11th notebook randomly hidden in the school in the older builds before Mrdrnose relocated it back to the first classroom, but I am too overwhelmed to try again at the moment.


Well...I kinda just meant trying both 3MathNotebooks/4ViktorSpeed and 3MN/3VS.