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Well, as I've mentionned at some point, I tend to like gore, so no issues there. Though I'm wondering what do you mean by "brutal" now. I'm not exactly picky about bad endings, it's more like I don't like some specific things XD (the specific things being the relationship not working out and simply fading away - so yeah, since you're talking about brutal, I don't think it's that).

I definitely think Xillia II's bad ending is a great inspiration in writing - and well, it is VERY brutal, especially considering you have to play the fight involved in it. If you watch it you'll understand haha!

And you're welcome!

Aaah, if you don't mind gore then it's all good! OuO 

I'm not sure about how high the market's tolerance to gore so I tried to warn them with hints >< it can be pretty brutal if they involve psychological things like torture, etc... the good example would be Berserk's Trilogy movies *cough*

I haven't watch Xillia's bad end  yet >< But there are surprisingly lots of Xillia 2 videos on youtube! I probably would need to get to know the characters a bit so I can understand the impact o.o;

Yeah, you need to know the characters. And even if you know them, there's a surprising amount of people who think the so called bad ending is out of character. It CAN be, but it depends on how you played the main character during the game, honestly. In my playthrough it was the most (if not only) in-character ending actually haha