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I just discovered the game, and It's AMAZING! I just played Darius' route as far as I could go (He's also my first choice btw), and I love him! I noticed that his writing is actually rather nuanced in that he is very much this non-committal man, but, well, you know. (I'm biased, he reminds me of my favorite D&D character, who is also a lion-man btw) There are so many points I found that he's probably more into the main character than he lets on, or maybe even realizes. Anyway, point being, love the game, the writing's amazing, and I hope to play the fully developed product. Excellent job!

Glad to hear you're enjoying it!  Darius has certainly been an interesting one to write (albeit a pain at times), but he's really proving to be a fan-favorite here lately.

Yeah I am surprised about that my  self. I didn't think anything of him at first, but his hidden emotions and personality make just too cute. I think what helped me like him better was when he neglected to shave his mane. Boy that wild look was a bit of a turn on I was shocked.