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Rai Banjou

A member registered Oct 30, 2018

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Yeah I am surprised about that my  self. I didn't think anything of him at first, but his hidden emotions and personality make just too cute. I think what helped me like him better was when he neglected to shave his mane. Boy that wild look was a bit of a turn on I was shocked.

Yes! THANK YOU!!! I look forward to his development. He's my favorite character.

Omigoshthisissofriggingawesome! I just love it! The humor in it is so original and the way they express themselves is like the guy really knows Japanese culture and language jargon. I so love it. Is Shoichi's route still in developement or does a different file or something need to be downloaded?

So I am already up to day six where the main characters are stuck in some alternate world or something. Foxy byte says to stay tuned till more stuff is released..... please tell me that is not so and I can download something else to continue this ridiculously addicting game!!!!

Its really very simple. Just use Juleon to heal your party and usenGrizz to shield him and other weak players. That's how I do it.