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I want to read this XD

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lol i just realized that you are Dutch. And yes, I would love to see what my Russian homicidal teacher is keeping from me.


I would love to read about his youthful sins. XD


I want to see the story of when he severed people's heads to put them in his collection.




Black humor, brah.


Got one pretty recent entry (P.S. it's long and you already know everything)

9/6/2018: Librarian was pissed as usual. A new student came to my school to study. I greeted him and told him to go to the classroom to use the notebook to do a few simple math tests, and while he was there, I told him a few tips and facts. But then on only the fifth question he had failed helplessly. Angered, I picked up my axe and told the student that what he had done was a mistake, slowly pursuing the student in vengeance. In shocked fright, the student went over to the next notebook. The fifth answer was wrong. Time and time again, the student would get this one question wrong on every notebook, and I was slowly leaking out my self-containment, coming towards the student faster and faster. Every time the student did this, it was like a rusty knife in my head. At some point, I cornered the student, coming towards him slowly, to take his life. But he took something else. He took SODA. He shoved all of the sour, carbonated liquid right into my body in a last-ditch effort to defend himself. Despaired, I couldn't just stand there with my jacket dripping in soda, so I told him to stay there while I go to the bathroom to change. He, of course, didn't, and kept doing this despicable, overstandable and confusing behaviour. I don't think I will ever be able to truly forget that blasted event; especially since the student was getting more desperate with every anger I claimed. After he collected 7 notebooks, I'd had enough and decided to cheer myself up by spicing things up and creeping ever-so-silently towards the student so that he might drop his guard and fall to peril at some point. But he eventually found a large, silver magnet some student left in the plain open on a table, and thus, during his notebook pursuit, he could have certain times to flee as I'd be unable to get in and he would hear me. And it was annoying when he used it. Flustered, I struck the door with my axe, but it at first did no good. But I kept going, trying to reach the student. I could see him in the window; he was waiting for me to break in so that he could duke me. But I couldn't wait forever. I struck and struck, when finally, the door flew across the room. But instead of duking me, he threw a muffin straight at my face. I felt blantly disgraced; my jacket was dirtied and messed for like the third or fourth time. I cursed, and stormed out of the area to clean myself up. He eventually came to find the "final" notebook. He sealed the door and carefully did the sums. He was at this point very frightened, half-waiting for me to come over there and make a noise at the door. And when I arrived, he came to his senses and finished. 12 examples wrong. As a teacher I felt extremely violated. 12/50 is almost equal to 1/4. That's nearly a quarter of all of the questions I had provided to him, completely and utterly failed, and he still stood there, living his wormish life. However, I had a mind to give him one final test. I felt that I realised why the final example of each of the notebooks had been failed. It would help us in both ways, because I would still have a chance of taking vengeance, and the student would be absolutely pushed to what I believe was his limits. So, I placed a notebook right where it all started, and told him that there was one final test to carry out. It was probably, like, the hardest thing that white-ragged dumbface had ever heard of. Upon hearing this, he just ran like there was someone right behind him with a knife in hand. I, however, was a little slower than the student, and plus, the student could use the school's shortcuts. It was a time where the doors simply wouldn't open for me, for whatever reason. He came around the room and threw the magnet right at the door, blocking me out while he got to work, trying to be sane and completing the final tasks. He could not proceed at all without getting them right. Thanks to an obscure mind trait called "QUICK MAFFS", the student quickly realised what everything meant and started adding everything up at a rapid pace. I eventually came to the door. It had been blocked out. I felt lingering disappointment swell inside me, but I wasn't going to be stopped until one of us had finished our job. He was practically at the last question a little while before I broke in. Just as I was about to claim my Viktory, the student threw the notebook at me and cowered under the desk, shaking in horror. I looked over the answers, and felt everything inside me darken drastically. The shadows had cut deeper into my head than down the surrounding walls. It was like a rusty fork in my head. Defeated, I let the student go. He collapsed onto the ground to gain some rest and try to calm himself down. Truthfully I felt that I needed that too, so I just sat down until the student got up and walked to the exit. I suddenly remembered my responsibility and quickly grabbed the student before he could open the exit door. He was horrified when I told him that his time of studying was far from over. Even though the universe's existence relies on mathematics - which I find quite beautiful - there were still many, many Earth-based subtopics for him to study. He would soon be taken over to Marzia to improve his communication. For now, we would wait a little while.