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Nice game! I think I found some bad bugs. First off, on Windows 10 (on my machine at least) I had to change the scaling of the game so that everything can fit on my screen.
Secondly, as  Beard or Die posted, 70 days ago, there is this weird glitch where the edges of the terrain would flicker in and out.

thanks for trying the game. I really appreciate it and even more for taking the time to write a comment. I still could not replicate this bug. Hence, so far I've been powerless to squash it properly. But I'll keep trying.

Hello, I think this information may be of some help. So as I stated above, the resolution of the game is way too big for my laptop monitor and I had to enable High DPI Scaling Override under Windows 10 Home edition. Furthermore, what's interesting is that when I switch my graphics card from my default Intel Graphics 620 to my dedicated AMD Radeon R7 M445, the flickering went away! I suspect that this may have to do with a compatibility issue with the Intel integrated graphics.
Also, I was not expecting the plot twist at the end :)
I hope you'll work on a sequel or something.