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I'll give you a tip, if you already have 6-7 codes implemented before the final chase, you can just put the remaining 3-4 codes during the final chase if you use the blue key shortcut fast enough during the final chase. Returning to the elevator to put in an 8-9th code after you just returned from the further half of the school floor before the final chase is like backing into a dead-end alley with nasty thugs cornering you there, it's too risky and it's not worth it, so save them for the end chase. Just remember to quickly hover over the number and click, don't click-hold and drag, it's faster if you know where to hover on the sliders before you click so practice that.


Nice tip Pluto. Not going back to put later codes in is really important. I generally search rooms on one side and put however many codes found on that side, then wind phonty one last time before searching remaining side. Hopefully having at least 5 codes.

Like the orange rooms having partial colors for notebooks. Makes things less confusing.

I didn’t even know that you can just click. 🤔 Thanks for that information.