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can this be played on a real c64 does anyone know? through the cassette tape

I would be extremely surprised if it did.

It works great on a real C64 with an SD2IEC drive emulator! You’d probably have to do some extra work to get it onto a tape. 

recently got a original c64 and been looking into trying to make my own game for it so trying to see if i can get other peoples games working first any tips on how its possible?

there’s a device called an SD2IEC. It connects to the Commodore 64’s disk drive port (IEC Serial) and lets you load disk image and program files from an SD card. It’s not perfect drive emulation, but it loads most games easily. It’s an open source standard, but the future was 8-bit sells completed devices. I hope that helps! 


ill look into that thanks very much buddy :)