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That would be very nice, to actually have a story and characters. Sadly missing from most adult VR games.

This sounds really interesting, I do like sci fi. However, is this actually a game, or just a love-doll simulator? We already have a million games out there where you can just shove a dildo into a empty puppet and simulate a sex scene. I'm really hoping to find a VR game where there's an actual plot, storyline and characters.

That is a true point, I'll admit I didn't really think about the vast difference countries can have in their exchange rate. That's rather grounding to be reminded that $10 is worth so much more to others.

You can't afford $10? Save them pennies is really all the advice that is helpful.

Huh. This sort of game always makes me wonder about the stamina of sexual situations. How long could someone really ride a bike like this before they're just too sore and need to call a taxi?

I don't think androids can get pregnant.

Well, a lot of gay guys like beefy looking dudes. May not be your cup of Earl Grey, but personally I think the top half looks fine. The bottom half looks as though he's forgotten the lube before an all-night marathon the previous evening.

Did you ever find a solution? Maybe antivirus was picking it up, or a bad install location?

Well, sppoilers, but ...




No, I don't think he survived. At the end, he talks about things going red. Which is the same thing he speaks of when he imagines options that would lead to his death such as attacking the crew back on the ship. I'd say he's almost certainly killed once the dam collapses.

A very colourful, imaginative idea that I had never heard of before. Given the lack of comments, I'm assuming few others have, either. Maybe the developer could benefit from giving a few steam keys out to YouTubers to allow others to know this exists? Seems a shame to let it fall into obscurity.

Not much, I think that's about all you can do in the game so far. Though if that's wrong, I'd like to hear what else can be done.

That's good you have it working. Yes, it's only controlled by keyboard. I'm not sure RPG Maker games can even use the mouse at all.

I would be extremely surprised if it did.

Did you install the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP files? They're needed to run this.

Your pleads fall upon deaf ears, for Pandora's Box has already been primed and must now be released upon the world.

Hmm. This imbalance can no longer go unaddressed! I shall make a furry game where the main character is stuck in orgasm denial, and no one will ever experience satisfying sex. It would have to incorporate the term 'Blueballs' into the name, I think.

I believe Steam has the full version. Or Patreon, I suppose.

Did you ever make that Letsplay of this? I'd be interested in seeing the game before deciding if I want to buy it.

The game isn't finished, and probably won't ever be, to my understanding. That alone doesn't really make it Steam material.

I wouldn't say it's just furries. Most adult games seems to have that "perfect sex" thing about them, furry and humans. Gets kind of dull, but I suppose that's what most people like? Variety would be nice though.

It looks really nice, though some more reaction from the main character might make her feel more like a real person, rather than just staying silent went encountering all these things. Plus some subtitles would be nice, but otherwise really excellent work.

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I can agree on the lighting and colours. There is a kind of plasticky, shiny look to things while also remaining dark that makes it hard to make out at times.

Also, while I don't know about map markers, some guidance would be nice. Even a room number when you're given the key would be nice. I ended up sticking my head through the walls to try and see which door had a room behind it, because I couldn't work out which one was mine.

Personally, I wonder if the problem with the graphics might be that it's trying to look too realistic. It walks that uncanny valley too much, when the aesthetics might look nicer if it was a bit more cartoony: bright and colourful, with simpler textures?

It's a fun game, though as you've asked others for feedback:

I would suggest maybe trying to get more interactivity with the world. Being able to pick up and move objects in VR, for example. Having that hand interaction and vibration on feedback is one of the best things about VR to make it feel real, so those sorts of physics aren't things you should skip out on.

Perhaps it's been changed in an update, but having to hold down the grip key in order to hold onto the sword gets tiring. It would be more enjoyable to have the option to simply hold it automatically once it's taken out.

The magic system can be a bit difficult to get the correct spell and throw it, though that may just be my own lack of coordination.

It looks like a good game and I will be interested in seeing what the finished product looks like.

Very nice! I do greatly enjoy that there is some work going into the characters and interactions as well as just the sex stuff. Having that little bit of story really sets it apart from games like Heat, where it's just a straight smut-play with no depth.

I greatly look forward to seeing where this game might go in the future. It's so neat to see all these different games coming out for VR and furry stuff.

They've stopped the demo release. If you want to try the game out, then you need to get it through patreon.

I assume you clicked on my post by mistake, because I was hardly being impatient.

Where did he say that? He was responding to other comments here just a few weeks ago.

I don't have an oculus so can't help directly, but if you scroll down the page to comments from about 3 months ago, the developer linked a YouTube video with instructions on how to use virtual desktop.

Although now I recall, Windows does have a built-in speech recognition, but I don't think Unity or other game engines can really access it. Might need some jury-rigging to get working as a standalone system, but a possible option.

I think the biggest issue might be privacy, since the speech recognition works by sending an audio file to a server. Many people might hesitate about having their private intimate times recorded and stored off-site somewhere.

I don't understand. Are you saying that smacking someone is inherently feminine? I know there's no P in V or anything, but how is this not for men? From what I understood, the reason many men like lesbian porn is that it involves sex, but they don't have to watch some naked guy. So, it's discrimination against other men? Is that what you meant?

Looks interesting, but the Android link only downloads a *.bin file. Could someone please tell me how that's supposed to be used on a phone?