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Predation community · Created a new topic Sound effects

Really good animations and I admire the amount of work that must have gone into them, but those sound effects are rather off-putting, personally. You know that old joke about the sound of someone fisting a mayonnaise jar? It's like that. I don't meant to be rude if they took a lot of effort to make, but they're not the best and maybe a sound designer might be called on to advise when the game gets further along.

Why would you want it on Android? There's too many buttons, you'd never fit them on the touchscreen of a phone.

Thank you! I've seen so many games with similar features, but I've never been able to work out how to do it myself.

A neat little experience.

Can I ask how you get penetration animations? Do you just link the animation bones to collision mesh, and a spring joint to bring it back in place?

When you start the game, it should ask if you want to play the VR or non-VR version.

Did you try SideQuest to install it?

Are you using SideQuestVR to install it?

Are you using SideQuestVR to install it?

Because some people like it? What a weird thing for you to say.

The game is no longer adult in nature, and is just a simple RPG. I'd suggest reading reviews of the game on Steam before sending any money to the devs.

It costs money, though I would suggest avoiding buying it. The devs switched to softcore halfway through production and there's no adult content anymore.

It is on Steam, but I would strongly advise against buying it. The game changed from hardcore to softcore halfway through production, and there is no longer an 18+ version. It's basically all censored, and there will never be an uncensored version. The devs took the money and ran.

I can't help I'm afraid, however I will say that the game is buggy and minimal, is no longer an adult game, and the devs don't support it or have any respect for their customers. You're not missing much, for what it's worth.

Do you ask that on every adult game? I see you everywhere.

Also, the devs have changed the game from being Adult to just a simple RPG, so there's no real nudity or anything anymore.

Ah, so it only works on Quest? Not on the Vive, or other SteamVR headsets?

Very constructive criticism.

Open the game exe file directly from File manager as well. People have had problems using the Itch.IO app with this, if you're trying to run it from there.

Start your VR client (SteamVR or Oculus) and the game should just start in VR automatically. It's PC only, you can't run it directly from a Quest, if that's what you're having problems with.

Do you have one of the characters in there with you? Normally the first time you start the game and enter your room, there should be the cleaner in there. You talk to her, and if you promise not to tell her boss she is late to clean the room, she should go to the bed. Then you just stuff the toys in.

If you can pick the toys up and there's a character naked in the room, you should be able to use the toys on them. There's no buttons or anything you need to press to get it to work, so if you can't use them, your game may be bugged.

How do you mean? You should just be able to pick them up and use them on the characters. What happens when you try to pick something up?

Hmm, nevermind. It seems as though it has downloaded as a corrupted file, but it can still be opened using 7-zip and the game runs. It must just be something wrong with my computer.

Magissy community · Created a new topic Won't Download

The file downloads almost completely, but then comes up with:

"Failed - Forbidden"

Not any issue that I can find on my end; internet is stable, plenty of hard drive space, logged in to itch.IO account. I don't know if anyone else is having this issue or if there's a solution?

Yeah, I just looked that up, and I can't see any explanation as to why Unity does that. It's probably okay for a small game, however I'd strongly recommend looking into saving the data in the game folder. Not only will it make things easier for players to backup their data as I've seen several people asking about, but if you try to make a bigger game, especially one to put on Steam, I can imagine you might get a lot of angry comments.

Very large amounts of data going to the registry can slow a computer down, and the last thing you want is to be making things harder for people to modify their games or change computers. 

That seems a very bad place to save data. The registry is pretty crucial for running your OS, and shouldn't be getting cluttered up with what is pretty unimportant information. Plus people can't easily backup their save data.


Thanks! I've had a quick look, and it seems as though this is all there is.

The location is randomized, apparently. I found it behind a plinth in the corner of the building. Others have found it on the staircase.

I don't recall the exact time frame, but I have heard somewhere that it's a long, long way off. A few years at least.

Any chance for some screen shots? Downloading 11gb is quite a lot when we don't even know what the game looks like.

A shame indeed, but he needs to do what's best for himself. Still, is this the most updated version of the game we can get, or is there more content that was made available somewhere else?

Their Patreon is still getting updates, but I don't know if there would be anywhere else.

Definitely needs an Escape button to close the game. Unless there's one I couldn't find, I had to use Task Manager to close it down.

A charming little demo. The music especially gives it a kind of melancholy  or bitter-sweet feel, and it makes me think of a softer version of the Dragonheart theme music. Sad, but kind of hopeful, which seems as if it might fit what the story suggests.

I look forward to seeing where this game might go in the future.

If you ever liked Mickey Mouse, Chewbacca, Rocket Raccoon, Helluva Boss, then you're a furry. That's all it is, just an aesthetic people like. I've seen far weirder in the anime community with their hentai and disturbingly young-looking protagonists. Grow up.

I'm not sure where the "Adventure" tag comes from here. Are you supposed to be able to leave the room?

Sadly, the developer of this game has passed away, from what I understand. There won't be a fix for any crashes.

I feel like there would be easier ways to build robot toys.

That would be very nice, to actually have a story and characters. Sadly missing from most adult VR games.

This sounds really interesting, I do like sci fi. However, is this actually a game, or just a love-doll simulator? We already have a million games out there where you can just shove a dildo into a empty puppet and simulate a sex scene. I'm really hoping to find a VR game where there's an actual plot, storyline and characters.

That is a true point, I'll admit I didn't really think about the vast difference countries can have in their exchange rate. That's rather grounding to be reminded that $10 is worth so much more to others.

You can't afford $10? Save them pennies is really all the advice that is helpful.