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he didn't look that muscular and wasn't that bright. A And he was more cute than he's just a character like everyone else. Many muscles and one of the main sidechracters

So you mean you prefer slender guys. As I recall, there's too much investment on Asterion sprites because of the dress up mechanic, which is why they stuck to only one body type for customization and that's the fully healed one. At best there could be a mod that allows to stick to the damaged sprite for the whole story, but cgs, expressions, and customization wouldn't be compatible to it.

He was emaciated from 80 years of starvation, but he does mention his original self was quite big, as proven by his healed appearance. He's also brown when you meet him. You can keep him brown if you want to customize him, but his original color is white.

yeah but he's also much brighter then before as example. But I just will unpack the gamesfoles and change the code by myself . :/