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I've released v1.0.9 which fixes the save to cart problem. Best to use and SD2IEC device (or a real disk) to save the save games before updating to v1.0.9, otherwise progress will be lost as the save games are saved as part of the crt file.

But if a new crt file is saved out via the Kung Fu Flash menu (thus including the save games), I can fix it if saving to disk first is not an option .

Great, thanks! :) - on my emulator I can't seem to save to disk. Is it possible to convert the emulator's save-state from an early version so that it works on 1.0.9?


I'm very glad to have found this. What I like most is how you are taking your own fiction into the game.  I once wrote that I thought that Below the Root (Zilpha Keatley Snyder) for the C64 and a few other computers at the time was a rare (the only?) example of expanding on canon world fiction for previously published novels within a game - approved and directed by the author - and has been rarely replicated since.  Of course you are breaking another barrier which is actually being the one to program the game! So I must ask -- without having read your books and only having just found the game, does this game expand upon your canon world lore in any way - or is it more of a "based on the books" approach?   Thank you, - Robinson Mason 

The game largely follows the books, using the same world lore. In fact, most of the dialogue text came from my novels. The game tells the same story as the novels, with the same characters and locations, but I did change some parts to make it work better as a game, adding some parts to allow for some extra side quests. I used the first 4 Briley witch novels to make the game, and will be using books 5-7 to make Briley 2, and books 8-10 to make Briley 3. After that, I'll need to stop and write more novels. ;)

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Thank you for the quick reply!  Appreciate that detail and will certainly check the game and books out.  Book .... #10!  Wow and great news to hear a "2" will be coming.  Since you are the author of the game(s), I think it would be fair to say technically the added side-quests would then be "canon", too?    Well, unless the main character died in-game during a side-quest, that wouldn't work ...  haha.