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GREAT game :) - thank you! - do you know why the cartrigde / CRT version doesn't work when I use Dolphin DOS kernal?

Nice! - thanks :)

Oooh coolest :) - thanks!

Good to know!

Cool! thanks! - please consider making it mouse compatible :)

Now's the time :)

Thanks! - looking forward to it :)

Fun :)

Oh - weird rules -  but thanks!

Got it - thanks! - is there a way to get the prg file?

Quite cool :) - is there no way to go back up some stairs once you've gone a level down?

Ha! - very cool :) - how can I run this on my C64?

That works just fine! - thanks a lot :) - good work!

Oh great! - thanks - I'll check it out ASAP :)

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Thanks for explaining! - I guess it does make sense for most players.

The down-side is that it removes quick and competent maneuvering from the advanced players. In the original you could quickly lift-off and blast the opponent right away -- but with this new restriction you can't use your skills optimally (the attached video is  a mod'ed version we made to challenge us even more - that's how we played it mostly).

Please consider adding an option for "Turn off safe lift-off" for us super nerdy experienced Raketti pilots :)

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Great work!! - an issue: After loosing a ship it's like it gets stuck to the landing platform 1-2 seconds when you re-appear. You hold down thrust and try to fly right or left but nothing happens for 1-2 seconds.

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GREAT game! - Almost like The Silent Age for C64 :)