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Great game! I love cave-flyers! :) - please consider adding settings for rotation speed, thrust power and gravity. I'm used to Gravity Force and Turbo Raketti :)



Great! - Looking forward to playing this on the Analogue Pocket when the Amiga core drops! :)

I hope it's doesn't require keyboard to boot up.

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Hmm it doesn't mention any NES file / rom - only Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.

Are you sure there's a *.nes file included even though there's no indication of NES compatibility in the file list?

Great, thanks! :) - on my emulator I can't seem to save to disk. Is it possible to convert the emulator's save-state from an early version so that it works on 1.0.9?

Great! - thank you :)

Got it - thanks!

Oh thanks. Do you mean that each and every .P8.PNG carts are supposed to be placed in their own seperate uniquely named folder? - will they still appear in one list then when browsing the games and be easily run?

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Thanks! - never tried a multi-file game before - didn't know it was possible but it works :) - very impressive!

First I tried just copying/running vracing_main but that corrupted the pico8_dyn file ruining the Pico-8 installation entirely (on 351elec) bit after replacing the pico8_dyn (I've had the issue before with another game) you game worked nicely :) - it'd be great with a single png 'cartridge'.

Amazing that you could get it to run so perfectly (and I love that there's no music while you focus on driving).

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Ooh - thanks! - will try. I did check it earlier but found no obvious release p8 or p8.png file in it.

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Very cool. How do I buy/get this for Pico-8? - there're only js/win/linux etc. versions but no p8-png even though it says Pico-8.

Cool! :)

I can't seem to find any way to download it for PICO-8.

The Carts button leads this search page:

... to but there's no Celeste 2, Celleste Classic or Maddy account.

Sounds fun and challenging :)

Is there a way to transfer 1.0 cart avegames to the 1.0.2 release? - oh wait ... I could load cart from 1.0 and save to disk - then load 1.02 and load from disk.

I see :) - thanks!!

Great work! :) - oh perhaps someone can help me. (SPOILER ALERT) ... I'm stuck finding "herbs" - can only find catmint (bright green leaves). What should I look for?

Impressive! - great work!

Nice! - thanks :)

Oooh coolest :) - thanks!

Good to know!

Cool! thanks! - please consider making it mouse compatible :)

Now's the time :)

Thanks! - looking forward to it :)

Fun :)

Oh - weird rules -  but thanks!

Got it - thanks! - is there a way to get the prg file?

Quite cool :) - is there no way to go back up some stairs once you've gone a level down?

Ha! - very cool :) - how can I run this on my C64?

That works just fine! - thanks a lot :) - good work!

Oh great! - thanks - I'll check it out ASAP :)

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Thanks for explaining! - I guess it does make sense for most players.

The down-side is that it removes quick and competent maneuvering from the advanced players. In the original you could quickly lift-off and blast the opponent right away -- but with this new restriction you can't use your skills optimally (the attached video is  a mod'ed version we made to challenge us even more - that's how we played it mostly).

Please consider adding an option for "Turn off safe lift-off" for us super nerdy experienced Raketti pilots :)