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I'd like to buy the ROM too :) - I love playing using D-pad and buttons.

I bought it on Steam now so perhaps I'll just play it on the Deck instead of on emulators or MiSTer.

Very cool! - I didn't see that the Dreamcast/Jaguar version cost extra.

Can't I pay extra to get e.g. the Dreamcast version?

Promising! - and admirable goal (MC).

Looks cool! Perhaps we can try the demo to see if it's something for us before buying? - or watch some ingame footage?

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Looks great. I love action puzzles. Looking forward to trying this one.

Thanks for making this available!

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Yeah, the .gb demo file (renamed to .gbc) works perfectly on the Pocket. Playing it now. Great atmospere!

Doesn't the .gb file work nicely on Pocket? I'll rename it to gbc and check.

Thanks but is Marietto in the Amiga pack?

Cool :) - is there a way to buy the Amiga game? I mostly use FPGA or emulators.


Great game! I love cave-flyers! :) - please consider adding settings for rotation speed, thrust power and gravity. I'm used to Gravity Force and Turbo Raketti :)



Great! - Looking forward to playing this on the Analogue Pocket when the Amiga core drops! :)

I hope it's doesn't require keyboard to boot up.

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Hmm it doesn't mention any NES file / rom - only Windows, Linux, Mac and Android.

Are you sure there's a *.nes file included even though there's no indication of NES compatibility in the file list?

Great, thanks! :) - on my emulator I can't seem to save to disk. Is it possible to convert the emulator's save-state from an early version so that it works on 1.0.9?

Great! - thank you :)

Got it - thanks!

Oh thanks. Do you mean that each and every .P8.PNG carts are supposed to be placed in their own seperate uniquely named folder? - will they still appear in one list then when browsing the games and be easily run?

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Thanks! - never tried a multi-file game before - didn't know it was possible but it works :) - very impressive!

First I tried just copying/running vracing_main but that corrupted the pico8_dyn file ruining the Pico-8 installation entirely (on 351elec) bit after replacing the pico8_dyn (I've had the issue before with another game) you game worked nicely :) - it'd be great with a single png 'cartridge'.

Amazing that you could get it to run so perfectly (and I love that there's no music while you focus on driving).

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Ooh - thanks! - will try. I did check it earlier but found no obvious release p8 or p8.png file in it.

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Very cool. How do I buy/get this for Pico-8? - there're only js/win/linux etc. versions but no p8-png even though it says Pico-8.

Cool! :)

I can't seem to find any way to download it for PICO-8.

The Carts button leads this search page:

... to but there's no Celeste 2, Celleste Classic or Maddy account.

Sounds fun and challenging :)

Is there a way to transfer 1.0 cart avegames to the 1.0.2 release? - oh wait ... I could load cart from 1.0 and save to disk - then load 1.02 and load from disk.

I see :) - thanks!!

Great work! :) - oh perhaps someone can help me. (SPOILER ALERT) ... I'm stuck finding "herbs" - can only find catmint (bright green leaves). What should I look for?

Impressive! - great work!

Hmm other CRTs work nicely when using DoplinDOS, though.

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Sure but it's the CRT. Did that work too? - When I use the CRT - after two intro-screens I get black screen and weird noises.

But now it works, right?

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Alright - but perhaps you can use this one to test with? (DolphinDOS 2)

Thanks for the update :) - does it work on JiffyDOS and DolphinDOS now?

GREAT game :) - thank you! - do you know why the cartrigde / CRT version doesn't work when I use Dolphin DOS kernal?

Nice! - thanks :)

Oooh coolest :) - thanks!

Good to know!

Cool! thanks! - please consider making it mouse compatible :)