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Thanks! - never tried a multi-file game before - didn't know it was possible but it works :) - very impressive!

First I tried just copying/running vracing_main but that corrupted the pico8_dyn file ruining the Pico-8 installation entirely (on 351elec) bit after replacing the pico8_dyn (I've had the issue before with another game) you game worked nicely :) - it'd be great with a single png 'cartridge'.

Amazing that you could get it to run so perfectly (and I love that there's no music while you focus on driving).

games are supposed to be deployed in their own folders, not overwrite Pico8 devkit package!

Oh thanks. Do you mean that each and every .P8.PNG carts are supposed to be placed in their own seperate uniquely named folder? - will they still appear in one list then when browsing the games and be easily run?

no - only large games like VRacing are easier to install/update/remove in their own folder.

the Windows/Mac/... versions however are not meant to be installed in the Pico8 folder - they are plain executables.

Got it - thanks!