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This is a valid comment - I replayed the game not so long ago and thought about the same! Might be able to patch that aspect.

Thanks - behond the png gimmick, it means that everything is done by my code (or functions shared by the community), like 3d rasterization!

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No but only thanks to the previous games I made - it took something like 2 months to do (my shortest dev time!).

See the BBS link for some screens of the work in progress.

Actually the most difficult part was to make it fun and interesting to play.

Have look at PICO-8:
The game is developped on this platform, with a bit of math and ability to draw pixels, you can do that :)

Solid gameplay basis - gfx effects and overall presentation are very good!

My main gripe is that it takes forever to burn down anything. It removes a lot of the power that the player should feel.

Ground action might also be a little unclear as flames are staying for quite some time on ground (hinding the action).


Sure - you need a pico licence ($15) and some coding skills.

Thanks - the tracks are just too good, whatever format!

same bug as in bbs - I keep getting a swiping black screen :/

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Thanks - I lost of couple of coins on this arcade game!

(and it was not really smooth :/

+ you can do a lot more in Tiny Sim!

you can change input from the title page (using left/right)

usually x or c (and don’t play on mobile!!)

On the other hand, missiles never miss ;)

You need to ‘validate’ the checkpoint when arriving on the Deathstar - the mission is not to destroy turrets ;)