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The game is a multi-cart game, there is no "png" as in other smaller pico8 games.

yes - he is quite active on the pico8 community and helped during the beta testing.

can you indicate:

- operating system + browser 

- if keyboard play works

- what gamepad it is (standard usb? xinput?)



nope unfortunately

thanks for the video/review!

can you play the game at all?

not sure to understand how your keyboard or gamepad could only send a single button press???


no - the underlying framework doesn’t support Android

a bug…

can you roughly indicate where you are in the level?

I don’t own such device - if running rhe Tac80 emulator, suggest to contact the author directly.

comparison doesn’t really make sense - Poom runs on top of Lua, a very high level language, that would crawl on a 286 (if working at all).

see Doom machine specs to find the lowest cpu it ran on.

no - this game runs within a virtual machine (pico8) with the following constraints:

  • 8mhz cpu
  • 128x128/16 colors display
  • 32bits numbers
  • 2mb of ram
  • max 8192 symbols for code/64k text file

so far more powerful than a NES but certainly far less powerful than a 1993 PC!

Excellent short game!

Nice game mechanic and execution.

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download files and unpack in Pico8 carts folder.

load "vracing_title" to start game

I won’t share Blend files and not sure what you expect to do with Scratch???

a ‘continue’ option could be interesting.

not promising anything but a good idea.

thanks - the intention was indeed to capture the feeling as we couldn’t do a 100% accurate port.

whaaat? you are not supposed to be able to cut through grass!

let me fix that 😜

exquisite as usual - well done!

See "export" in pico8 manual.

thanks - not the first user that discovers Doom and its simplicity via our demake!

thanks (and maker*s*, team of 2)

the goal was indeed to stay close to the original.

see ‘export’ command in pico8 manual.

draw a map ;)

keep trying - the recommended setup is mouse+keyboard

can you elaborate?

using web version or standalone?

what machine are you using?

not possible - Pico8 can only produce executables for games with less than 15 data files, this game has 80…

much appreciated but Poom is a team production with @ParanoidCactus - I did not make that game alone.

Hey ultra-violence! 😬🤷‍♂️

actually it does 😬

fixed in 1.4

thanks and sorry to have fixed sound *after* your recoding!

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can you elaborate?

from the web page?

using binaries?

any error message ?

indeed and the underlying game engine doesn't allow WASD (and no option to detect if using an AZERTY or QWERTY keyboard).

ah not even - there is a number of VR standards for web!

I guess - there is no official ports I know of.

fire with mouse?

Thanks! (and hope Poom won’t make you miss exams !)

thanks and unfortunately not - WASD is not supported by the underlying engine (and ESDF is only 1 key away + portable with other keyboard layouts).