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example on first level - use button (right click to lower the platform), then pick up key card and use that to open the door with a blue stripping pattern.

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Thanks - getting lost is part of the charm, today’s games are much too guided imho!

shoot bad guys

find keys

open doors

exit level

some people like contributing and feel ‘bad’ using the free path.

thanks and no problem - come back when rich :]


the project was already a huge undertaking, so far no plan for new levels.

That said, the game uses standard Doom tools, so you can roll your own custom levels.

middle mouse button opens weapon wheel

Art is @paranoidcactus, thanks!

And: no, no and no ;)

standalone is using an early version of pico - final should have pause menu to unlock mouse (agree pretty annoying atm)


(and Quake is also dear to my heart!)

escape should do the trick (as mouse capture requires a click on the game)

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launch pico8; type:


extract zip into that directory (e.g. "carts")

launch splore and select poom_0

or execute console commands:

load poom_0.p8

Very good use of the colors - Bonevolt touch :]

Good game mechanics, tbh one of your most approachable game - hope to se some expansion (likely with another universe)

limited resolution and palette + mad artistic skill from @gamecactus


what do you mean? reset savegame?

thanks - agree that ammo management can be frustrating, this was one of my first game and process to release a new version is complex. Not promising any short term fix 😓

cannot do that

don’t know what vemu is but standalone zip carts is available for download 

thanks - @GameCactus did a brilliant job for levels but yes, size and interaction diversity is limited by the medium.

A new Mac version will be posted in a few weeks time - stay tuned.

can you reproduce the bug and post a gif (F9 or camera icon on web to record)?

again - was not done in 7 days. Release date matched jam dates.

known glitch

cool - latest update should make controls a lot clearer hopefully.

the runtime is pico8 - a fantasy console. The engine itself is homemade.


Final boss is a HP sponge - keep firing ;)

simple - it fits in 16 carts :D

done (see standalone zip)

thanks - bug is known and reported to pico8 maintainer.

Excellent! I like the speed control based on altitude (took me a while to find out - got a perfect landing afteward :D)

Bad news though: game crashed after a couple of plays:

hum - no - low level assembly is not my type of fun!

definitely not done in 7d - checked with host and she is ok with it, the point is more to gather fps initiatives rather than crunching for 7 days.

Thanks - happy that it feels "genuine" at some point :]

Neat premises - how is it done? Custom code?

I am looking at doing a pinbal game myself, any article/pointer on "old school" pinbal games you can share?


time to complete: about 5 months (part time) for the engine, 3 months (again part time) for graphics


have you checked games or mine already? hours of fun await!

this is a Unix system - open a command prompt, navigate to the folder and then type:


I see - I don't have a Raspberry so difficult to troubleshoot :/

vracing_10.png in the raspi zip is the program icon. The application is 'vracing_10'.

can you post a screenshot of the crash?

what is your pico8 version?