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not possible - only html player (or desktop downloads)


beside web page? nope

Ammo are picked up whether you've got the corresponding weapon in hand or not, unless ammo is full.

It's easy to validate, walk over a clip while carrying the shotgun and it will disapear (if chaingun not at 200 ammo).

this is indeed a similar technique as used by Doom - see: for details and pointers.

this is not the ‘same’ game - splore version has only a single ‘demo’ level

To play the game in full, use version on itch (web or download)

The game has not been updated since a couple of months now.

Level progression is saved in browser local storage - any change to your settings (like "privacy mode" or something)?

POOM was what DOOM creators had in mind 28 years ago 😜

and thanks!

it did and mouse control in Poom was triggered by a request from Tom Hall (see devlog)

Shotgun is the starter weapon - we wanted that gun to be ok but not a solution for everything.

The ammo counter is preceded by "|||", e.g. a cheap image of an shotgun ammo box!

(and btw, Doom was meant to be played with mouse)

thanks - sent a takedown request

correct - text says x or c but only c is coded!

I'll fix that


The loose condition is not totally clear though/

no - only html version for mobile

Got it - was not aware of this serie, thanks!

look for cues (button in a odd place, room you cannot reach…)

makes a good incentive to replay game!

aaahh got it

is it on purpose game cannot be played on mobile?

this is bot using the standard pico8 html template it seems.

(1 edit)

interesting starting point & atmosphere, clearly missing music & sound effects!

the shading is excellent (though makes some stairs/platforms difficult to see).

couple of remarks:

  • tbh there is nothing really interesting to do in the various rooms (beside slowly trying every single door)
  • do I really need to draw each level to make sense out of it??
  • what is the point of getting the text for each room over and over?
  • what is the purpose of dying? should we loose a key or the treasure instead?
  • game frame has incorrect aspect ratio (look at pico8 manual for working dimensions)

good luck!

thanks - feeling funny after playing an fps game is quite common. Make sure to play on a desktop machine to ensure smooth rendering (eg some mobiles are struggling keeping up)


there is no Pico8 emulator that supports the features Poom uses and secondly game does not fit into a png.

and I disagree - make  sure you remove the link, I never allowed my game to be hosted on your advert site.

thanks - and yes, we pushed quite a few limits 😬

Very well done! impressive polish all around!

(I have yet to see the end, the game lacks a BFG to clear some nasty levels, but I am sure I'll get to 20 at some point!)

crash report - game switched to "red" mode and a new enemy wizard appeared at the bottom of the board


What "initial arcade games" are you refering to?

thanks for the extensive resume!

thanks - indeed quite happy how it turned out.

I was there during the Amiga area (player, not coder), any 3d production I might know? (DM on Twitter if preferred)

Solid shading: if you have a pico licence, quite easy to try out - not going to add an option as it will ‘hide’ many polygons

it is home made, from various material + improved over a couple of games - you can read the devlog to find out some behind the cover information.

sure, why not - carts are available in the ‘standalone’ download.

thanks - I’d need to find an artist/designer to embark on such journey!

there is no emulator that are 100% pico8 compatible as far ad know - Poom won’t run

(2 edits)

bug report

- hit right key during on "story" screen

- when on "heart", click x/c

- crash:

Excellent scenario (has Hollywood contacted you already?) !

Nicely done.


happy to know if you do anything with it!!

hehe (hint: I was not alone) - have a look at the devlog

yes - see main game page

thanks and that was the original plan - I had to do a full reload to preserve memory, the initial level state cannot be stored on top of the live state.


We did have our fair share of coverage and the game has a steady flow of player since launch date, so rather happy!