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Hi! I use VICE, and you need to run it as a cartridge in the emulator by attaching the crt image file.

v1.1.1 fixes this issue.

v1.1.1 fixes this issue.

Oh, I'd better fix that!

Ah, looks like I broke it again on v1.0.2! (DOH!)

Okay, got a fix, so will have to do a v1.0.3 release.

Which version are you using? V1.0.1 should have fixed that bug.

Thanks for the info! I have a fix for that, so I guess I'll have to release another update soon...

As for a hint: there's a bush below the Great Hall you have to interact with...

Ah, try buying a small axe...

Oops... I'd better fix that...

Thanks for that! There was a small issue in v1.1.0, but I've fixed it now and uploaded a corrected version.

So much time and effort used! (2.5 years for BWC1 and 2 years for BWC2).

V1.0.2 should hopefully fix this.

V1.0.2 should hopefully fix this.

V1.0.2 should hopefully fix this.

V1.0.2 should hopefully fix this.

You can load a 1.0.9 save game from disk and continue, no restart required.

Clarissa shouldn't be there, so something has gone wrong...

I'm working on v1.0.2 now to fix this.

You can buy a small axe at Covenham.

The Hammer is not an item the player needs to use...

Try exploring the bottom right part of the village, to the right of the main gates.

Try going to town to buy it...

Thanks! I'm going to relax a bit now. Took some effort to get the game done, but now I can rest for a bit.

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Oh, I'd better fix that!

EDIT: just checked the game, and that fox shouldn't be there at all. It won't affect the total, so I won't be releasing a fix just yet, but I've fixed the map so it won't show up on any future releases.

Thank you very much! I think I need a bit of a break after this...

Sorry, done!

I use Kung Fu Flash, and save to cart works fine.

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Briley Witch Chronicles 2, the sequel to Briley Witch Chronicles, has been released!

Briley Witch Chronicles 2 is a Japanese-inspired RPG for the Commodore 64, based on the Briley Witch series of novels. This is the sequel to Briley Witch Chronicles.

Follow the adventures of Briley, a modern day girl lost in a strange new world...

Take control of Briley as she continues to explore her new life, aided by Smokey, her grumpy talking cat - and best friend.

I use 1mb EasyFlash cartridge format. All code and data is built using my custom build system, and I use the cartconv VICE util for making the cartridge .crt format.

There are docs available about the EasyFlash format if you search for it.

If I remember right, you need to interact with the broken bridge to trigger the next quest.

Awwww... thanks! That touched me.

I'm thinking about it...

Most of the work is all mine, but I have help from an artist friend on portraits and the odd bitmap touch-up, as well as some of the combat sprites.

As for using the engine some more... I'm aiming to get Briley 2 finished this year, and beyond that I have some other RPG ideas (plus plans for Briley 3 and 4)...

Sounds like a problem with the analog line to the SID chip (which is used to read the 2nd fire button). This can happen with SID replacements that don't support the analogue inputs.

You can disable the 2nd button reader by pressing the F3 key; you'll get a beep to signify it's disabled.

The game is designed to run from a cartridge, so it wouldn't be possible. It's not the size that's the issue, but speed. The game relies on being able to access data from a cartridge immediately.

It auto-saves to an EasyFlash cart, so should also work on King Fu Flash. You just need to save the cartridge image if swapping games, and I'm pretty sure KFF prompts you to save the file when you swap.

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You can use either button 2 on a GS64 compatible joystick, or press the assigned key. Alternatively, just use auto-smart bomb which will auto-trigger if your ship gets hit by an enemy or a bullet.

Is this cart or disk? I have a newer disk version I probably need to upload.

Just uploaded a v1.01 that should (hopefully) fix the DolphinDOS issue. Tested it on VICE and it now works, whereas before it didn't.

I'll look into that over the weekend.

Hi! I just released Zeta Wing 2, my latest C64 SHMUP!

Zeta Wing 2 is a fun vertical shoot-em-up for the Commodore 64, sequel to Zeta Wing, itself winner of both the RGN Gamers' Choice Award 2020 for the Commodore 64, and Indie Retro News Budget Game Of The Year 2020.

You can check it out here: