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No, you should be able to download it without purchasing again.

Yay! Glad it worked okay! Have fun!

Ocean format cartridge image just added, one that should work with EasyFlash3.

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Oh, okay. I'll see if I can make a version that'll run on EasyFlash3. Shouldn't be hard.

Edit: Yes, this won't be a problem, so expect an EasyFlash3 compatible (basically a 128k Ocean cartridge image) version later today.

I'll have to add that to v1.2...

No problem. I managed to grab an extra 256 bytes of memory back, so had enough space to add the feature. It's perhaps a bit basic, but it works.

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Yes, as long as you have a floppy disk image mounted (if you're using an emulator). I've tested it with VICE and it works fine. Just have to mount the disk image first when booting the game as it auto-loads the high-score table then.

For a real C64 should also work with a mounted disk image via a sd2iec, or a 1541 with a real disk.

Yes, a YouTube video would be fine.

Very likely, but first I need to get Soul Force and Briley Witch Chronicles finished.

This one has the save function too. An emulator just needs a floppy disk image mounting first. I've tested it with VICE and it works fine.

Oh, I forgot about pause! I'll add that to the next update.

I'm a member of the Protovision group.

I'm looking at adding high-score table save for a v1.1...

I'm looking at adding high-score table save for a v1.1...

I have no plans right now, but the question has been several times, so who knows?

Every enemy attack wave you completely destroy drops a "P". Collect 12 to power up your weapons. There's a bar above your lives that shows you your progress.

And just to be nice, losing a life doesn't clear the bar, it just degrades your weapon by one level.

It'll run on NTSC, but will run a bit faster than PAL.

I've just added a .prg version.

The full version will definitely have a hiscore table, and it'll save it too!

I'll be making a full version in the future (possibly disk but definitely a 512k cartridge), and that will have both PAL and NTSC support.