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Sorry, it is, but I will get back to it one day. Just have too many projects to do right now...

The game largely follows the books, using the same world lore. In fact, most of the dialogue text came from my novels. The game tells the same story as the novels, with the same characters and locations, but I did change some parts to make it work better as a game, adding some parts to allow for some extra side quests. I used the first 4 Briley witch novels to make the game, and will be using books 5-7 to make Briley 2, and books 8-10 to make Briley 3. After that, I'll need to stop and write more novels. ;)

It's not financing war, it's helping the victims of war:

I've released v1.0.9 which fixes the save to cart problem. Best to use and SD2IEC device (or a real disk) to save the save games before updating to v1.0.9, otherwise progress will be lost as the save games are saved as part of the crt file.

But if a new crt file is saved out via the Kung Fu Flash menu (thus including the save games), I can fix it if saving to disk first is not an option .

Seems there is a problem in the cart save code so I will be fixing that.

If you have a SD2IEC device, I'd recommend using that to save games.

If you can email me the crt file from the SD card in the Kung Fu Flash, I can fix it for you.

You can just save over an existing slot.

I'll see what I can do for v0.3. 

Thanks! Glad you like it!

I use VICE:

I've already started work on the sequel. In fact, there will be a Briley 2 and 3.

I use Kung Fu Flash on my real C64 for testing my games. Briley runs fine, and save to cart works too!

Yes, if you're saving to disk there won't be a problem.

Thanks for that! Just updated v1.0.7 to fix the typo.

Have you visited the Forest Cottage? You'll find them around there.

I use 6 hires sprites stacked on top of each other. I have a custom sprite editor that can edit this way.

Soul Force X has some bug fixes and improvements, plus has 2nd button support for cycling weapons (joystick or keyboard).

Try looking above Branwen's home...

Have you searched near the river?

You don't need the 2nd or 3rd grimoire to escape...

I've just added a GS64 version, so try that.

I've just added a GS64 version, so try that.

Ah, there is a problem if the REU is enabled on MiSTer, so check that. Seems REU uses the same I/O addresses as EasyFlash, so it causes problems and can crash the game.

Oh, that's not good. I'll take a look at that. Is this PAL or NTSC?

It's for running on TheC64 as it maps the [A] key to the extra joystick buttons for weapon cycling.

There's a Soul Force X option on the Options screen.

Yes, Snow Force includes Soul Force X, an updated version of Soul Force with support for 2nd button to cycle weapons.

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Hi! You gain access to the world map once you've purchased a cart hire (in game that is).

I've updated v1.0.6, so it should work fine now.

That's odd... I've tested old saves on my build and it works fine. It might be an idea to send me your save disk so I can check it out. You could also try v1.0.5 and see if that works fine.

I've just put out a release v1.0.6 which has [F3] for disabling the 2nd fire button reader code.

Sounds like something is messing with the POTX line on the joystick port (which is how the 2nd button code works).

I'll have to add an option to disable the 2nd joystick button reader.

Yes, it is. I fixed it on v1.0.1.

Thanks, just fixed that!

Thanks for the report; this is now fixed on v1.0.5.

Briley 2 has already been started, and I have plans to make Briley 3 too, to cover all the novels.

Sorry, that last version was a bit broken. Re-downloading v1.0.5 should fix it.

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If you hit F1 to toggle to the alternate keyboard set, you'll be able to use a 2nd joystick button that's wired to press spacebar.

I can add that, it's not a problem.

It does exist, some people have found them all (including myself).