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Hi. I'm been waiting for you next game. and I'm happy to see that realised something again.  ♥
As you may remember, I wasn't disappointed with any of your previous products ;D


Thisa time it was great, too. 

I'll start with the plot... Plot is great as always ♥
I felt so sorry for what happened to MC in opening scene. 
Even if she owned them money, they should'nt treat her this way. Fake friends and bad people!
Poor Kotone T_T

But few moments later she met beautiful, quiet, kind girl. Hibiki :3 So cute... <3
The begening of their friendship were... hard? Two totally different girls - one very kind and polite vs. cold and deliquent one.

Plus Hibiki's secret... But Kotone didn't care about it and she wasn't scared of her or rumors about her family. :)   They became friends. Good friends - caring for each, helping each other and talking about everything. It's kind of friends none of them ever had (i guess). They found each other when they needed each other the most (even if they didn't knew it). 

Two weeks later Hibiki saved Kotone again. Few days later Kotone helped Hibiki (twice). Some time later...  Kotone realised what she feels... She tried to hide it. As hard as she can (even if it'd mean ivoiding, disapointing and hurting Hibiki). It was just too silly, even as for her... 

And finally... They told each other what they feel... and that they like each other.  I almost cried. It was so beautiful scene. And they were happy having and loving each other.

Artstile is very good. Especially sprites. BGs, Ui and musicare ok. Well done and good looking characters. Their styles match their personalities. 
Good work :)

Great game, great plot. And your the best game so far. Sorry for summarizing plot xD. I just tought it'd be the best way to show how I like this game ♥

Thank you for reading yet another one of our works!! <3 Super glad you like this one too!! Until next year HAHA. Again, really appreciate you liking our games!!