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What if I kill said "unkillable enemies" with meteor bonus(es)?

"Overlaping would fix in future, it is problem for all units"

What do you mean by overlapping?

P.S. Okay, I tried to kill the ogres with two meteor bonuses. It worked, I won! Probably you should make endless flow of strong enemies if you want it to work as timer.

Units consist of several sprites and sometimes they fall into each other.

 "What if I kill said "unkillable enemies" with meteor bonus(es)?"

I think about this. There is two variant:

1. Make endless unkillable enemies in the end of wave, that guaranteed destroy player base.

2. Give possibility to kill this unkillable portion of enemies with bonuses as now. Because if player use bonuses in the beginning of wave most likely he will win. So what's the difference when he use this bonuses)

It will be great if you have any idea how to improve this mode.

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1.On the second thought, endless wave of strong enemies doesn't look as good as I thought. If you want to kill player for sure, then why don't you just implement good old timer and make the game say "you lost" when time is up? (Of course you also would need to show the time left during the game). Besides, some players will be upset/angry when in vain attempt to stop the unstoppable wave they will spend their bonuses, especially expensive ones.

2.Related note: for such missions currently the game says that a player must reach the base of enemy in order to win. But it's only half of truth. Player can win just by destroying all enemies, without reaching the enemy base. Probably you could either add this additional winning condition into description or change code to prevent winning when all enemies are exterminated, but the base is not yet reached.

I like idea about showing the timer. 
I don't implement good old timer because I want to add visual explanation of why a player loses. So I think I make timer + endless wave + hide bonuses when strong enemy come.

"I don't implement good old timer because I want to add visual explanation of why a player loses."

This explanation looks silly, to be honest. "Oh, no, piece of junk that we call base was destroyed! Guess it's too late to steamroll these dwarves with hordes of ogres that we have."