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Just a little bug to report, I'm on Windows 11; the gallery doesn't appear to want to work across restarts for me. I first noticed this the second time I booted the game & it has persisted to the third.  The first time I loaded the game, I made a lot of progress in one night and had 5-6 CGs in the gallery, and it didn't seem to have a problem when loading across saves. Just something about closing out of the game that purges the info for some reason. This also appears to apply to dialogue being remembered as 'seen.'

Running in administrator mode appears to fix this, I elevated perms for Itch & GS and can now see my CGs from the portion of the game I just played, just a heads up then! 


Thanks for letting me know. I'm not really sure why the game seems to be issues caching the persistent data. Unfortunately that's baked into the renpy game engine itself (especially since it also affects seen dialogue - that is definitely part of the engine functionality) and isn't my code specifically, so I'm not sure it's something I would be able to fix even if I could recreate it.

With my last game I've had scattered reports of things like this happening - as well as some other funky issues that seem to be renpy specific. Those are always frustrating since there's not much I can really do about them.

I'll keep an eye out for it just in case, though! I'm glad to hear you found a fix for the problem!