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Just a little bug to report, I'm on Windows 11; the gallery doesn't appear to want to work across restarts for me. I first noticed this the second time I booted the game & it has persisted to the third.  The first time I loaded the game, I made a lot of progress in one night and had 5-6 CGs in the gallery, and it didn't seem to have a problem when loading across saves. Just something about closing out of the game that purges the info for some reason. This also appears to apply to dialogue being remembered as 'seen.'

Running in administrator mode appears to fix this, I elevated perms for Itch & GS and can now see my CGs from the portion of the game I just played, just a heads up then! 

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episode 3 is absolutely horrifying! thanks, i hate it!

(but it's amazing, i love it & this is everything i wished for with this game. a lot of titles that eke into the genre are afraid of going too far i think? how deeply unsettling the game is is amazing, the visual style of some of the scenes (looking at u library house) is perfect, and i'm excited to see how the plot develops!)

(also i would die for dustin)

I really enjoyed the life aspects of the game. The characters and world feel absolutely real, and I was deeply invested in them. 

I was surprised at the journey it took me on, too. I found myself thinking pretty intensely about my childhood, my gender, and my relationships with my parents and my peers for the first time in a while. Caught me off guard, made me think, and gave me a little happiness I think I may have missed out on.

Cove's a cutie, and his personality and worldview developing is amazing to watch and grow with. Thanks so much for this game, guys! Seriously. 

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chapter three!!! roux's meadow scene!! wow! it's amazing how seen a story can make someone feel.