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ooooooo i called it!! i had the feeling there was going to be a new game!!! it looks promising!! I totally like the blind guy Arya, I think hes route will be quite a ride... lol Hope to see this game soon!! Cant wait!!! Maaaaaan i want to play it !! Thanks so much!!!

Thanks jaz!

I won't stop making VNs anytime soon if I can help it xD and good choice lol, he's going to be fun to write ;)

I'll do my best to deliver it fast but there are lots of things to be done for a single lass :')) *forevercry

Stay tuned!



yep but still being a single lass you still produce good stuff with waulity and as time passes by it will be better and better!! Being part of your grow will be fun!! thank you for allowing me to enjo your stories!! hmm yep Arya even tho i dont know him i know it will be interesting .. wink wink lol.