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ohhh! can't wait for the release!

omg! i soooo want to play this game! 

will you continue??

oh! im still waiting for this!!

I want that Santa to visit me...

Sure i will give the support i can!

im in love with this game.. this is weird but in a good way!! damn does reindeers and their sexy antlers!

omg !! yes please!! maybe give a choice to view or not but yes totally !! omg that will be hooot!

yes thank you!! like i told you i am a sucker for good games and this is real good especially the makeout scenes... :3

OMG!! I cancan't wait for all of the characters to be available!! Im a sucker for otome games with a strong MC! i love her really, she's one of the fews that do something in regards to a problem and dont cower in fear.

1. What is your gender and age? female 19
2. Where did you find out about Tailor Tales? Melizbeauty youtuber
3. Is the art style appealing to you, or did it take some convincing?It is! heck i instantly looked for the game cause they are so sexy.. lol
4. Which (available) character is your favourite? ooo i like neil tons but goddam Dimitri is pulling my strings.
5. What's your favourite scene? When neil and mc go shopping lol and also Dimitri getting super embarrassed he ran away.
6. What's your favourite CG?  neil and mc versus counter.. 

7. Which character would you like to be available next? Gotta say James i am a sucker for guys who ignored me and just dont care.. i should refelct on life lol.

8. How many fierce points and how many kind points did you get at the end of each route? All the way fierce like a cat.. I love cats maybe thats why Dimitri is appealing to me??

9. How much tailoring experience and gold did you end up having at the end? well like 8000 tailor expo and gold 6000
10. Was it difficult getting gold to purchase the chapters, or was it easy? it was normal but sometimes frustrating. cause the chapters get higher.
11. Was it difficult re-creating garments that were important clients? I.e. the masquerade dress, Angela's dress, or the opera dress. no at all
12. Favourite aspect of the game? well obviously i love the mc character and obviously the boys and the makeout scenes are splendid! 10/10 ign

Thank you so much ! i had so much fun !

omg!! i want moooooooore!! like i stated before i love it!! I want to know more!! thank you!! i want to play it  completely!!

this is a really cool game!! the idea is fantastic! i hope is well completed soon!

this is a really cool game!! the idea is fantastic! i hope is well completed soon!

this is a really cool game!! the idea is fantastic! i hope is well completed soon!

this is a really cool game!! the idea is fantastic! i hope is well completed soon!

yes yes!!!

hahha i already played it and i love it tooo!! for a long time i tried to download but saw the post of you putting it back on!! lol

full version!! this is epic!!

omg i cant wait for full release!!

the artwork is astonishing!!! i want full game!!

i want the full version!! omg!!

yay you replied!! i enjoyed to much the game ... lol

oh yes i am waiting for that one tooo!!

yes i thought that too! otome sensores all the way!! lol!

omg omg omg omg!! i love it!! i want more!! this is an interesting concept!! cant wait for the full release!! thank you for this teaser!!

omg!! i love this game!! i wish it was longer!! but amazing job!! keep the games going im waiting for more!!!

o well i am still rooting for this game!!

will it be this YEAR???

yep but still being a single lass you still produce good stuff with waulity and as time passes by it will be better and better!! Being part of your grow will be fun!! thank you for allowing me to enjo your stories!! hmm yep Arya even tho i dont know him i know it will be interesting .. wink wink lol.

ooooooooooo another conquest here!!! Man i love your work!! i hope to play this soon !!! wow!! cant wait! Thanks!!

ooooooo i called it!! i had the feeling there was going to be a new game!!! it looks promising!! I totally like the blind guy Arya, I think hes route will be quite a ride... lol Hope to see this game soon!! Cant wait!!! Maaaaaan i want to play it !! Thanks so much!!!

OMG!!! This is great!! I love it!! When will it be done? How much will it cost? I am excited for this project!!!

Where is the download?????

um i cant download because i dont find the download button

um i cant download because i dont find the download button

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i dont know what to say.. ia am astonished by this game!! wish it was longer, but i enjoyed a pretty, adorable sweet melting story. I ended up sweeter than a cheescake! wow i just love everything... the art music and the characters are so lovable! the main girl is funny as hell with her pickup lines! the boys the 3 of them have their unique charm! o but carver i just love him a dozen! he is so cute!! omg!! he was my last route and i replay it like 10 times!! keep this up!! i would support an expansion of this game alllll the waaaay!! xcongrats!! i love all the persons who made this possible!! God Bless ya and continue doing thsi!! you are awsome!! love yaaa!!!

omg this is such a great news!! thnks for replying!! i love the cute artsyle is so nice and fuzzy!! man i will be in touch cause once it comes out i will download it!! keep up the amazing work!!