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I wanted to know if this is still green light? Will act 3 and 4 be out and when? 


Ngl I love this so much. Ah my favorite is Markus like I cant deny it! Second goes Leo. hahaha Eric scared me at night lmao

i feel thats like a miracle but oh well

OMG I LOVE GRAHAM! Would love a complete flesh out version of this even if it costs some money! Thank uu

So much potential here and they just ghost the people like that. At least make a public statement about it. sucks man

Where was that posted? It gets upsetting when the devs dotn even make an officla annoucement to say it will be cancelled or something.

Its such a shame they just left it out of the blue like this

so it was funded and they never realeased a statement about it? Thats sucks for he backers. Hopefully hey got their money back


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Um this is amazing! Gives me persona 5 vibes and I love it! Man would love a full fledge of like 10 hours of this lol

Thank you so much!!!


its sad when projects get dropped out of the blue and isnt an announcement of it. 

So I come again in the hopes of this being finished. Is it dead? Dev can you please tell us to not have our hopes up?

Man I really liked the concept and artsyle in this! So sad it was dropped...

I played both acts just to feel numb at the end. I dont even know what to feel about it. Not saying it is a bad game, I really enjoy the concept but what happens to teh characters just ahhhhhh

I hope this drops before Christmas!!! ahhhh


thanks for explaining!!!!!!

I am confused with the game. Pardon my ignorance but this is a demo of a complete version. ??? Im confusion


So this is dead?

Happy Aniversary!! I already did it on Twitter but I cant get enough of this game!

OH WoW! Thanks for replying!!

Is this still alive cause I want to plaaaaY!!

So this only has one chapter?

So did this die too? Kinda sad. Really liked the demo

Is this completed?

I wanna cry. Cove is perfect. He such a cutieeee. Bro I am fangilring so bad. Thank you for this awesome experience!! I AM SoOOO WaITING FOR THE WEDDING AHHHHHHHHHHH!

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Oh man I want part 4!! I have enjoyed the game so much!

Is it dead now?

yeah. feels bad man

What a shame.. such a good concept and left us with nothing..

Do you have a set day?

I'm here still waiting for this game.. LOst cause now?

I feel you... Let's cry together

Im waiting for the last chapter! I love this gaaame!

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My lord what a ride I just took! This was soooo amazing I still can't process how brilliant it is. The characters music and art is beautiful!. For a girl that loves otome games and husbandos very much I fell in love with Alkar right away! He soo adorable! Thank you! I had to add. I'm in love with August. SOrry Alkar but ahhhhh

Im still waiting like a dog wagging its tail LOL