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I wanna cry. Cove is perfect. He such a cutieeee. Bro I am fangilring so bad. Thank you for this awesome experience!! I AM SoOOO WaITING FOR THE WEDDING AHHHHHHHHHHH!

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Oh man I want part 4!! I have enjoyed the game so much!

Is it dead now?

yeah. feels bad man

What a shame.. such a good concept and left us with nothing..

Do you have a set day?

I'm here still waiting for this game.. LOst cause now?

I feel you... Let's cry together

Im waiting for the last chapter! I love this gaaame!

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My lord what a ride I just took! This was soooo amazing I still can't process how brilliant it is. The characters music and art is beautiful!. For a girl that loves otome games and husbandos very much I fell in love with Alkar right away! He soo adorable! Thank you! I had to add. I'm in love with August. SOrry Alkar but ahhhhh

Im still waiting like a dog wagging its tail LOL

Thank you for this awesome game! Can'tnt wait!!

Hes such a sweet boi!!! Ahh  my heart

It's the game completed in steam or there is still routes missing?

This also has been dropped?? Sad

Yes! I really like the game mechanics and how your answers and behaviors have an impact on him! Its pretty impressive!!


Omg I played the demo and I am hooked! Hes such a precious cinnamon roll! When the demo ended I almost cry cause i didnt de him again! Thanks and I'm anxiously waiting for the full release!!!!

Oh I see. I'm just anxious to play it! I love the demo!

damn this it seem like it died too. This is so sad for so much hype it got...

when will it be release fully_???

Was this cancel too? If so how sad. I've been waiting for the full release!

no... can't afford it.

Of course! I have played the available routes already! Its awesome!

Oh man what a shame..

WOW! I'm still anxiously waiting for the full release! When will it release??

Still waiting!  I hope it comes well!

sooooooo... when is it coming?? no news for a long time...

OMGGG I'M still waiting for this!!!! AHHHHH

I tried something different and i got it running! Thanks! OMG this was so fun! Thanks

First time I've got problems!! 

hiiii i really wAnT TO PLAY  THE GAME! But my windows download says network error.. pls help

ohhh! can't wait for the release!

omg! i soooo want to play this game! 

will you continue??

oh! im still waiting for this!!

I want that Santa to visit me...

Sure i will give the support i can!

im in love with this game.. this is weird but in a good way!! damn does reindeers and their sexy antlers!