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Hi, just bought it and I'm really impressed. Just  two Ideas for future versions. I'm on Windows 11 and work with Ableton and it's kinda pain to fit Ableton and Minimeters on the screen correctly because minimeters doesn't interact with the Ableton Window and you have to manually resize Ableton every time. Is there maybe a possibility to improve this? Also it would be super cool to set frequency ranges for the RGB option in the Stereometer so you can see that everything under a certain value is mono ect.

Unfortunately I cannot snap the Ableton window below or above MiniMeters. What I generally recommend is using Microsoft’s own PowerToys to set a custom snap region for Ableton.

Being able to set the crossovers for the RGB modes is going to be added in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you so much for the advice, I'll definitively try that out. And I can't wait for the crossover feature. Keep up the great Work!