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do you guys want (and welcome) feedback about this? I haven't seen any way to private message , cose I would've liked that . 

You could message udon-udon on Tumblr if you really want it to be in private. Pretty sure they're part of the team.

yeah , sorry..I dont have Tumblr , facebook and such lol . 

I just leave my feedback here then . 

The art is nice , darn well made even . 

the game suffer from spelling , grammar and such but I aint a grammanazi though . 

homewhever , where it suffer the most is the beginning . the character (the main girl) come off as an ass (sorry) but she does . I had a hard time feeling bad for her , and I almost quit the game right there and then . But though I give the game a full run , and gotta say it get better later . Happy ending and all . BUT , yes the the whole romance kinda come from out of the blue . There is no build up to it or anything . 

which is a shame , because you do have solid characters (just need a bit more fleshing out) and to fix a few things at the beginning . For exemple , the 'Bullies' are called 'friend' when they should be 'aquaintance' at best or 'Loan shark' . Second , the whole *loan' idea is nice but it doesn't feel right . I understand that some stuff can be made just to get a story going to create a situation . I just though I point it out . 

and when I say doesn't feel right , it just for a 'Student' to 'borrow' money to give to 'parent' for 'gambling' , and you paint this character as somehow of average intelligence . well that is just dumb . Add the fact that the said 'parent' are never heard from , and you never hear about the issue of 'parent x child' . 

Like I said , I understand when you create an idea just to get the story going . But it make the reader question if there should be more and such . As such , I think a school loan would've fit better since the mc is attending school . And then create some tensions with school bullies because those parasite exist even without a reason . 

So I don't know if you are going to work more on this story or not , but these are my feedback . 

Hey! Thank you so much for the feedback! Really helps us improve our next game (hopefully!) by pointing out stuff like this. We apologize if you felt any dissonance for our characters in the beginning, we were trying to paint Kotone as a type of person to shut people out/keep to herself (hence her initial attitude). I agree with you though, build up was kind of lacking, and maybe in the future we can flesh out the stories better. Though two months really is tough -sweats-. We will work around it!!

Thanks once again for the constructive criticism! Really appreciate it! And thank you for giving it a chance by reading it to the end! <3