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yeah , sorry..I dont have Tumblr , facebook and such lol . 

I just leave my feedback here then . 

The art is nice , darn well made even . 

the game suffer from spelling , grammar and such but I aint a grammanazi though . 

homewhever , where it suffer the most is the beginning . the character (the main girl) come off as an ass (sorry) but she does . I had a hard time feeling bad for her , and I almost quit the game right there and then . But though I give the game a full run , and gotta say it get better later . Happy ending and all . BUT , yes the the whole romance kinda come from out of the blue . There is no build up to it or anything . 

which is a shame , because you do have solid characters (just need a bit more fleshing out) and to fix a few things at the beginning . For exemple , the 'Bullies' are called 'friend' when they should be 'aquaintance' at best or 'Loan shark' . Second , the whole *loan' idea is nice but it doesn't feel right . I understand that some stuff can be made just to get a story going to create a situation . I just though I point it out . 

and when I say doesn't feel right , it just for a 'Student' to 'borrow' money to give to 'parent' for 'gambling' , and you paint this character as somehow of average intelligence . well that is just dumb . Add the fact that the said 'parent' are never heard from , and you never hear about the issue of 'parent x child' . 

Like I said , I understand when you create an idea just to get the story going . But it make the reader question if there should be more and such . As such , I think a school loan would've fit better since the mc is attending school . And then create some tensions with school bullies because those parasite exist even without a reason . 

So I don't know if you are going to work more on this story or not , but these are my feedback . 

do you guys want (and welcome) feedback about this? I haven't seen any way to private message , cose I would've liked that . 

that was weird lol the 1st download , the game ended with zipcdownload . its working fine now though . 


I'm supposed to rename the file to rar. or something ? 

The art is beautiful . The setting are well done . And suprinsingly it's funny like hell . If I had to name something that was a bit of a let down , that would be the main character background . But other then that it's well done .

Thank you .

Hello , first time poster on this site . I really made an account just I could leave you a comment .

I love LOVE LOVE This novel . I agree with both others comments . It must be a serie , cose they are awesome ! and I would love to see more about them .

As for the text colors , I'm sure you guys will surprise us next time :)

how about some vromance for Kaedan? ^___^

and I wouldn't mind seeing some drama between parents from different social class lol .

But anyway , Kudos and Bravos to all who worked on this . I love it and Thank you for sharing with us this beautiful amazing work .