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the text is really hard to read, its all cramped :(
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Woah, that is hardly readable indeed! Superpowers can unfortunately be pretty inconsistent with the way it renders fonts. Out of curiosity, what browser on what system are you using?

I can't guarantee to fix it though, as this is quite an old game. For now I suggest to skip the dialogs, the narrative of the game is not that much important, and the mechanics are (hopefully) self-explanatory. (the only important information on this screen is "RIGHT to continue")

im on firefox on a macbook. i figured out the controls but id like to be able to read it regardless. theres no fullscreen option, maybe That would fix it?

That's worth a try!

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it didnt work :( its still cramped. thanks for taking a look tho!

are the letters set to be bold? if theres a bold and a regular, maybe that would do it? idk