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winebottler, ill keep that in mind! last time i tried an emulator i used parallels and it Tanked my laptops speed TT_TT ill try winebottler on one of dads craptops (the junkers he borrows from works trash)

miscommunication my mortal enemy... i totally understand! thats why they make so many computers, specifically for programmers to suffer. im gonna look into windows emulators, hopefully it pans out for both of us

oh. im sorry, i thought i was being funny. i didnt mean to be rude. i meant it as a sort of wail of despair perhaps?

oouuag, no mac support

the moving lines make this really hard to look at :(

i get to be worf!!!! i love star trek

gee this is swell! chill music, cute art, and real talk!

story? adorable! art? also adorable!!

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it didnt work :( its still cramped. thanks for taking a look tho!

are the letters set to be bold? if theres a bold and a regular, maybe that would do it? idk

im on firefox on a macbook. i figured out the controls but id like to be able to read it regardless. theres no fullscreen option, maybe That would fix it?

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the text is really hard to read, its all cramped :(

only a four year condemnation is so much better than in that movie with chris pratt and that lady who got woken up for the rest of her life

so cute!

aaaaa shes so cute!!! this is so cute!!! heres hoping for one with a guy!

nooo im so rude!! im so sorry!!!

how do i shake the cup on my laptop?

this is so cute! its beach bunny themed! i was so excited when i realized i recognized the music!

i shut off the computer. it stays shut off. interesting

at least that will help them find granny before...

oh this is so sweet!!

im gonna have to come back to this game in the morning, im the shakable fool playing this at 1am

i wish there were more levels, this is great! you might want to make carl only physical After you get to darrel, i somehow stabbed him through the door