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This has such atmosphere! I rly love it.
I hope you find the time to do the larger-scale version of the project that you mention you'll go after in a few years. :)
Also, it reminded me of an old track I like, so I looped that in the background and wandered around with it playing alongside your wind sounds. One of my favorite feelings in video games is the sense of isolation and loneliness that comes with an atmosphere of nature and ancient lore - like in the metroid series.

Thank you so much for helping organize Procjam. It's been so cool being on discord and seeing everyone come together for the week. I learned a lot, had a fun polishing my game and adding some procedural art (still more to do...), and even met up with a kind stranger from discord in person. A few friends took part in the jam also and had a great time making some fun stuff! Cheers :)