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What a cool idea! I admit I was a little confused and at first tried to click everything - and also by the fact that the manual didn't seem to open no matter what I did, assuming that book on the table was the manual.

Sadly, the webcam gag, as genius as that is, didn't actually work for me. But it was still a super cool and spooky little experience that I'd love to see with varied results in the future.

I played it as part of a massive Halloween video right here, in case you want to watch. You can find your timecode in the video description.

Thanks so much for playing, it was a little experimental gameplay concept we came up with that didn't completely pan out the way we wanted. We did it for a game jam and only had about 48 hours from concept to completion to cram as much in as we could. Glad you liked it though, but unfortunately we will not be returning to this project in the future.