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So, I went into this pretty blind but after taking a closer look at the screenshot here it seems like a lot of my criticisms are already in the works! That being said, for a game about movement, you've got a solid foundation but a lot of little things pile up to make it all a but unwieldy.  The sense of momentum is great but it can be hard to change your direction quickly, the air control is really minimal, or at least it feels that way, and the margin of error to attach to rails is really small for how quickly you're always moving. There's some solid stuff here and I'm looking forward to later builds!


Thanks for playing! We actually learned quite a lot watching your video, we will fix the bugs, and try to design a clearer and smarter tutorial. We need to make the player understand how going along with the physics instead of against it is how the game will provide the player the best sensations. I did made a video a long time ago on the game's prototype to explain this (link below), but I think I will need to create a better tutorial for the players to take it in. I don't intend to copy Tony Hawk's games skating system, as I have very different designs in mind for later. I do like THPS a lot though! Anyway, pressing X near the spheres hit them, the fact that you missed the message entirely shows how bad our tutorials are. Your video helps a lot, we'll try to fix all the problems! Thanks again!