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You can't fly the spaceship yet without cheating - that's intentional, as that part of the game isn't done yet. Try syncing now - there was a bug a while back that caused saves that were larger than 1MB to not sync, that should be fixed. I have no clue what you mean with the first problem - it runs in the files but not when you click it?

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when I try to click the aground Icon I have on my task bar it says "null object" but if I go into the aground folder and click the one that say aground it works fine.   and thank you for fixing the issues,  this one isn't that important though.  For some odd reason one of my saves won't sync (the first one I made) the rest will though.

So, it'll do that if you change the run start in directory of the shortcut. Right click on the shortcut, click properties, and in the shortcut tab make sure Start in: shows the path to the exe (shown in Target).