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I think there needs to be a change in how the game sorta penalizes you, the conundrum I'm seeing is, cause I 'actually tried' to beat it this time, is this: 

So, the mother randomly interrupts you , and now there's a Q + Random button prompt to ensure she doesn't scare you, yet this button prompt and the speed at which you respond gets faster and faster the more she interrupts you, it becomes numbingly fast the more she randomly interrupts you, this feels as if she penalizes you based on too much RNG, I'd think the better option is Heavy Breathing = Her showing up more, or heavy breathing (too fast too hard) makes it so you have less time to hit the QTE button, penalizing those who are going too fast.

Instead it feels like if I go too slowly, she'll then interrupt more often - the more she interrupts, the more I'm instead penalized because the first 1,2 and 3 times she interrupts, the button prompt speed demand is Okay and simple, not too hard and not too easy. However, going at a slow, regular pace with the clock means she will within those 10 minutes interrupt you 5-10+ times, and the speed gets ridiculous at how demanding it gets, then your slow 10 minutes of trying to beat the game goes down the drain over and over, making you want to speed up and hope she interrupts you Less since you try to beat the game in 5 minutes or so - but then you breathe faster and get caught depending on the AI and how much she shows up due to breathing.

That and I'd say I've been 'Caught' too many times AFTER the lights have been turned off and a definite whole second after my pants zipper have been thoroughly zipped, she still 'catches' me right after zipping, it feels very unfair and of 15 tries tonight, I was 'caught' with my pants zipped and power off, 4 times. The game is 'possible', but the RNG makes it still feel a bit unfair, a challenge is good - and I don't want my 'Hand held' while fapping, but alternatively, the RNG is making it a bit too problematic.

I made a mini update that makes the button thingy easier, also I added a climax booster that you can active randomly (it shows a prompt on screen). Should be better now.

My thanks for the attentiveness and responsiveness