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I know, but not gonna lie, kinda rushed it out. Lots of pressure from the actual projects I'm working on, but I still think it came out rather nice. Thanks again!

Thanks for playing :)

Nothing in this game is meaningless :)

There will be more to these dolls in a new update, so watch out for it :)

I'll be posting new updates soon, surely won't give up on this project :)

Enjoyed the video, thank you :)

Thanks for the video :)

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Oh hey, you found a bug with the effect at the end. I'm fixing it now

The gun's used to shoot the "entity" that joins the game later on and to communicate with the other person. :)

I made a mini update that makes the button thingy easier, also I added a climax booster that you can active randomly (it shows a prompt on screen). Should be better now.

I tried my best, thanks :)

Thank you :)


Yes, of course 


I will roll out a bigger update in a few days, so wait it out :)

Are you sure you zipped your pants? Or maybe you used the flashlight while she was opening the door?

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing :) You need to look at the laptop directly to get to climax faster btw

Yeah. I don't think I need to say more.

Isn't it incredible?
The game's about trying to jack off and not get caught by your mom who keeps checking on you.


New version is way easier.