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I LOVE this game! I especially love Matt   (//ω//) and the story with him, even though many don't seem to like him. But I find the story really well written and I'm totally into it anyway haha Damien is also really cute and the events between the two are really cool. The story with Kate and Violet I also find good, but since I'm straight, I prefer to go with the two guys ;) 

However, I would really really like to see the bus scene with Matt and the MMF scene with Matt and Damien! But I just do not get the events triggered, I have already tried everything, even read the walkthrough. It would be really sweet if someone knows how exactly to get the scenes? Thanks for any answer °^°

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While what I've played (most of the game) is very well written, I did not go far on the Matt path. He's just too vile for me. I confess that, in RL, when I was 18 (I'm a college masters student, now), I probably would not have been able to resist the impulse to grab Matt's wrist and do a Karate throw on him (not that the game had the option to do so). In the game, slapping him was somewhat satisfying.

As a bisexual girl, I enjoyed the Kate and Damian paths a lot. They were very sweet. I also enjoyed the Violet paths a lot, the "subby Violet" more than the "dommy Violet" (despite not being dommy, myself).


Don't worry the ones that don't like Matt are a vocal minority. There's tons of player that like Matt, but that's the benefit of having choice.

For the Bus scene, you have to date Kate and be with Matt. When you go to the Zoo for a Date with Kate he'll show up on the bus.

With Damien you have to ignore Damien in the very first meeting where he's being bullied by Alex then go down the Matt route.


As one of the Matt enjoyers, I just want to say that he is my favorite. A lot of times, when playing as a female protag in h-games, the player either has yuri content or ugly bastard-type stuff. And while no shaming here, I'm not into either; having Matt as an option is really refreshing for me :)