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You can. Just save the game before going in the aquarium. After doing as much as you can, load that save and do different things.


Still, Violet is 18, so she doesn't need to tell her parents why. As far as her parents are concerned, Chelsea is just a friend.

Being away from the game for a while, I remembered that Violet mentioned during lunch one day that she had information about her dad she could use to blackmail him. Maybe she could use the threat to avoid making the sacrifice she thinks she has to make.

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I am enjoying the update. Has been several months since I last played, so I'm probably seeing a larger difference than others are.

The spanking scene was very good, especially the ending.

The audience with Mother was very interesting. Not what I would have imagined. Enjoyed it very much. The departure scene with the other sisters-superior was quite surprising. Glad that Chyseleia reiterated her approval of Piri, surprised she was so vocal about not sending at least one superior along, especially after Magnolia's performance.

The goodbye scene with Ane and Klead was sweet and touching. Glad that Ane showed strength in the last moments.

The Void dream-encounter was cool. I will point out that female knights are dames. (And the honorific is Dame.)

After the dream, Piri gets up from the ground, but she slept on a bough in the tree. There was no mention of her climbing down.

I went back and played out the rest of the game after it appeared the subby Violet and Yearbook routes had run out.

I was pleasantly surprised by the final scene (in ver 0.47) with Violet.

*** Implied spoiler ***

I hope Violet doesn't really have to make the sacrifice she decided to make. Sure, she's a spoiled brat much of the time, but she doesn't deserve to have to make that sacrifice.

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Some more glitches:

On submissive Violet route, she takes Chelsea to her home. After the valet lets them both out of the car, Violet does address Chelsea as Mistress, but when leading Chelsea to her room, she motions for Chelsea to open the door and Chelsea hurries to obey. Not what's expected for submissive Violet. (but then Violet resumes being submissive)

In Year Book club, decided to play in Levi's game. But the scenes were swapped: the second game session occurred before the first. Also, in the "second" session, Sofia was at club doing something with the teacher, but the next day, during the "first" session, Sofia had been absent for 2 weeks.

Actually, the game sessions are only partly swapped: The Saturday session treated Chelsea as though she had already started playing. The Sunday session introduced her to the game and created her character, then resumed game play where the Saturday session left off.

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On Day 26, on the Maid Cafe route, I accepted the one customer's $50 to meet him in his car after work. I did not receive any other tips nor pay check.

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Just a minor bug: When in the city, Joy approached again about the  car wash. I declined, but time still advanced from afternoon to night.

I did, finally, try the strip club side route. Was very fun. I know Cherry is in serious legal trouble, but maybe she can make a deal by outing her boss, then reappear later. The first time I actually got in, I did not get only corruption points for participating in amateur night.

Also trying the "Corrupt Kate" route. Would be nice to have more content with Kate at the bar.

Also, on the rainy night, the only tip credited was the $300 the couple left on Chelsea's desk, nothing from the other bar customers.

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I like the additional content for Kate. Meeting her mom was fun.

I noticed that after the show down with Harper, there's still a "end of content" message even though there's more, including meeting Kate's mom.

*** spoiler alert ***

During the couch seduction scene, if I choose to remove Kate's bra, the graphic changes to a braless Kate. But if I choose to remove Chelsea's shirt, then when Chelsea finally does remove Kate's bra, the graphic does not change.

Later, if I choose Let Kate take the lead, we quickly get to a 69 position with corresponding graphic. But if I choose Go down on Kate, it starts with Chelsea kneeling between Kate's legs and licking Kate's pussy then the text changes position to 69 but the graphic is still Chelsea kneeling between Kate's legs.

I confess that in RL, if a guy had done that to me in high school, I would have grabbed his wrist and done a Karate throw on him. I probably could have made it look like he fell out of his seat.

*** spoiler alert ***

I did try the Matt route, but I quit it when he blackmailed Chelsea. He's just too unsavory for me.

Sadly, Damian turned out to be even more insidious. I can well imagine that what Lydia was saying about him (presumably to very close friends) was true and that he confronted her, raging at her reaction (presumably breaking up with him).

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Finally got to play v0.47

The cheerleaders beach day was fun. And amusing that Tracy was still wearing her bikini when she appeared after beach day.

Also, the change log mentions an opacity setting in preferences, but I don't see one.

And, I didn't get an option to allow play beyond (now) 90 days.

*** Spoiler alert ***

Started with the Damian route. The new content is very nice - and then there's the ending. While predictable, still devious. The warning signs all had plausible explanations except the cake. When Damian gave it to her, my thought was Oh No! Please No!

Trying the Kate route, next

Just FYI, I won the race. I haven't played since before the last update, so I don't know if I would still win.

Will be playing again very soon. (Life's just been so busy )

About Mr Davis. After Sofia's disappearance, I was getting the feeling that he would end up being the bad guy - or at least being the fall guy.

I hope neither will be the case.

So far, he's been really nice and been being just enough of a "surrogate dad" for MC.

I sleep naked. So do some of my friends.

No, but don't suggest that Kate do so

Still on my first run of the New Year update.

Violet to the rescue! Wow! And even after getting ignored by her for over a month of game time.* I really like Badass Violet. On Damien route, now, but going to do Violet, next.

Unfortunately, in the Damien route, dinner after the aquarium visit still gets skipped if MC has sex with him in the restroom.

I was glad it's now possible to avoid the shark exhibit so the MC doesn't have to torture Damien

* I turned down her invitations and eventually there were no more encounters with Violet - until the rescue scene in the restroom with bully-girl Kensie and her minions

I have upgraded to 0.44.104

So far, I am enjoying the it. I do have a question/observation:

In the Uni 0.43.103 section, you mention:

"Naked Casualwear option added in wardrobe for NG+"

I am not seeing this in my wardrobe.

What is "NG+"?

Thanks for continuing this cute, fun game

Uni comments · Replied to len in Uni comments

For the Kate route, you have limit the "corrupt" things you do (at least in the Cafe or around Kate)

You can leave your shirt buttons open, but you need to discourage Kate from doing so.

The 0.41.100 update is very nice.

I got a good laugh at the show down at the cafe with Harper at the (current) end of the Kate romance path.

On the cheerleader path, the swimwear store outing was mostly very fun. Didn't expect Tracy to be as much of a bully as she turned out to be. I did think of  a great retort to Tracy's comment about one piece swimsuits being for children - "What about the girls on the swim team? Or the life guard girls?"

Previously, I hadn't done the Damian path with the cheerleading path. Was very sweet for Damian to help Chelsea practice - even though he did miss catching her.

Speaking of Damian's visits to Chelsea's clubs, he visited track club before he asked her which club she was in.

And speaking of track club, the (half) track meet was good. I did notice that the story said Saturday, though game day was a Sunday (Day 63) when I played it.

My favorite scene, so far, is the curtained booth in the super fancy restaurant with Violet - very romantic and deliciously steamy/naughty.

So far, my favorite path is the subby Violet one. Which surprised me because I am not good at being either dom or sub.

If you are going the Kate romance path, don't encourage her to open buttons on her shirt (but is ok if you do it). Not sure what other corrupt actions at the cafe you can get away with - certainly not any that involve Kate.

Also, didn't get credit for talking with Ruth in the teachers' lounge - but I no longer get the option to discuss the subject of spanking with her.

Also, did not get "credit" in the "Sally Learns the Ropes" quest for the private punishment of Debbie (see my previous message)

Possible bug, ver

On day 52, the scene for punishing Debbie, I had her remove clothing including skirt, Miss Newman search her, then I photographed her in front of the whiteboad, then had her bend over the desk to be spanked and paddled. Then I had her lay over Miss Newman's lap and select the "massage" action.

At this point, her pain is 4 of 4, humiliation is 3 of 4 and pleasure 0 of 4.

I then selected the "massage" action. The game then said "This time around I need to make sure Debbie is in pain and humiliated before beginning to provide her with pleasure. As a minimum she should be stripped of her skirt, paddled and body searched before I take this action."

I did all of the above. Though if humiliation needs to be 4 of 4, I see no way to achieve that.

I did back up to ordering her over Miss Newman's lap, then had her spanked (second spanking as she had already been spanked over the desk), then massage, but same messages.

I tried to get fired from the bakery, but couldn't.

On the cafe path, after I got fired, could only get new job at the bar.

An error during the ship's party scene, get-to-know-you card game:

"Error: <<set>>: bad evaluation: State.variables.Player.Likes is undefined"

Also, during the "show down" (vs Shyvan'sana) of the dance contest, when the combat window appeared, I tried to select "Charm", but nothing happened. I then tried to select "Seduce", still nothing happened. In fact, none of the actions worked. Not finding a way to win the contest.

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I found another problem: When I "fight" the tentacles or plant and defeat it, I get a message saying I have collected a sample and to look in my inventory to see how many I've collected, the inventory has none in it:

The new maps are very nice . I like them. (but see my bug report)

The game is improving nicely. Thanks.

I seem to be missing something. In Version 0.3.3 is out, it says "Added new illustrations for Talk with Sisters, Satyr, Catching the Wisp, and Spanking scenes." I could not find any spanking scene before getting to the end of the current content

Bug report for 0.3.3:

1. In the mansion "bathroom", when Perinei tries to pee, the game claims already recently empty bladder even though is the first use of the toilet.

2. After coming out of the mansion, I accidentally went west instead of south. When I tried to go back east, instead of moving, Perinei interacted with the fountain. Tried clicking on the east arrow, again, but still didn't move.

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Weirdly, this game leaked to my dreams. while the names and setting were different (my former highschool and friends, there), the scene started out like lunch with Violet in the cafeteria and Damian joining us (I'll call them Vicky and Dan). My friend Vicky moaned about my friend's nerdiness and I defended "he's sweet and knows how to respect girls" I then went on to say "I'm glad you're both here - I have something to confess - I like you both and I want you both." At first, their mouths dropped open, then Vicky said "But - but -" and Dan said "You mean like a love triangle?" I said "Yes", Vicky sputtered and Dan said "Yes" then turned to Vicky "I've admired you from a distance - I admire both of you - a lot" Vicky sputtered even more, then said "Y-yes - I accept."

Silly, yes, but could be a very interesting story path. (With both subby and dommy Violet variations)

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While what I've played (most of the game) is very well written, I did not go far on the Matt path. He's just too vile for me. I confess that, in RL, when I was 18 (I'm a college masters student, now), I probably would not have been able to resist the impulse to grab Matt's wrist and do a Karate throw on him (not that the game had the option to do so). In the game, slapping him was somewhat satisfying.

As a bisexual girl, I enjoyed the Kate and Damian paths a lot. They were very sweet. I also enjoyed the Violet paths a lot, the "subby Violet" more than the "dommy Violet" (despite not being dommy, myself).

Matt is so vile and evil. He should be delivered straight to Lucifer's dungeon - right NOW!

BTW, I discovered by accident that Chelsea can show cleavage and still be on the romantic path with Kate. Just discourage Kate from showing cleavage and don't do anything else "slutty" (at least not in the cafe)


Just FYI.

In one scene, Chelsea goes to a "kebab stand". "kebab"mean lamb. "shish kebab" being the familiar lamb-on-a-skewer. "swish tawook" is chicken-on-a-skewer.

This is very common mistake. For example "kefta kebab" should be "shish kefta". (Kefta is a Moroccan meat mixture, often lamb and beef)

Also, "doner" is a Turkish version of seasoning and cooking the meat.

Just curiosity....

When I read the change list for version 0.41, I saw:

"Blowing" rent now gives corruption for doing so.

Did you borrow that phrase from me? :)

The "subby Violet" path is very fun. And well written. Chelsea really does feel like a non-dommy person experimenting with being dommy.

Also, at some points, I couldn't help imagining Violet wondering "What have I gotten myself into?"

Haven't finished it, yet. (Life suddenly got extra busy)

Thanks. I am assuming you got my earlier bug report

Now that I've looked it up, Violet's appearance in the cafe after all her invitations being declined and not seeing her at all for several game-weeks starts to sound like that.

Still, seriously doubt Violet would kill. Even more doubt Kate would.

Matt, on the other hand, might

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Another bug report:

After restarting (because it seems the only way to break up with Damian), I strictly followed the Kate path.

1. On day 30, the game failed to give me my tips, so I couldn't pay rent on Day 31 (I had to "blow" rent. Fortunately, did not earn ,e corruption points (I'm still at 0))

2. On day 47 (after helping Kate make more cupcakes at the cafe), I was not paid, not even tips

3. Despite declining all of Violet's invitations to go out*, the day after I reveal to Emma and Harper that Kate and I are a couple, Violet shows up in the cafe acting like I belong to her.

* and also blowing her off when she didn't take no for an answer

4. "Skip" does not end at the end of a scene. Only when a choice is needed.

5. "History" is not available at a choice. (#4, above, makes this a problem)

6. When initiating texting, I don't get a choice of what to text. In particular, I'd like to be able to say "I love you", "I miss you" or initiate a date

7. In the mall, the "Rocker" outfit says "Corruption: 0". When I try to buy it, it says I need 4 more corruption points. Actually, all of "Corruption: 0" say I need more corruption points

8. There's no option to not enter the "Twinkling Bliss" cafe

Side note: After running the Kate path to the current end of content, I went back and experimented with getting evicted. I had hoped that Kate would have invited me to move in (at the end of my last visit to her apartment, she said she wished I lived closer)

Bug report:

1 and 2:

Background: After accidentally deleting a save, I went back to an old save - before the mall date with Damian. This mean that both the mall date and the homecoming were month 2 (started day 31), so I had spent money on the lingerie Damian liked and the homecoming dance prevented me from working (at the bakery) on a pay day.

The bugs:

1. After Damian left my apartment, my mouse cursor had drifted over the date widget, which showed "Friday: Dusk", so I chanced going to the bakery. The game did give me a paycheck - it was for $0. So I lost a week's pay

2. Rent day for month 3 was day 59. Given that month 2 ("October") started on day 31, I would have expected it to be day 62. (Assuming day 1 as September 1, then day 31 as October 1 makes sense.)

(If I had been able to pay rent, I wouldn't have done more than think "that's weird", but I was short, so couldn't pay rent (instead, had to "blow" rent).)

3: In the scene where the new uniforms arrive at the bakery and Chelsea is trying hers on, the text says "you realize just how tight the new skirt is on you. Ever when bending over". It should be "Especially when bending over".

4. Despite having said NO, I find that Chelsea is scheduled for a boob job. I verified that I said no by scrolling back. I was able to avoid the surgery at the last moment.

5. Having reach the end of the story, I decided to go back and experiment. On the aquarium date, I chose to text Damian from the rest room. After our fun, he suggests stopping for dinner on the way home, I accept, we head to Damian's car, then suddenly I'm back in my apartment. No dinner - unlike when I chose the "wait until home" option.

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I haven't tried the track path, yet, though I did try the cheerleading path. Neither appealed to me in RL.

At my RL highschool, most of the boys were misogynistic, so this seems realistic to me - I do feel sorry for Chelsea, and I do relate with her on this. I have always preferred guys like Damian or even Levi. Fewer are misogynistic and usually respect me more than even the non-misogynistic non-geeky guys.

I expected a lot of sexual content in this game, so I don't feel even the corrupted Kate path was overly sexual. Also, the first of the Violet path wasn't sexual until the massage scene and only mildly. And at least what of the dom Violet path I experienced was not sexual. I have a feeling I'm missing some Violet encounters while on the Damian path.

I probably will try the corrupted path at the bar. After all, the end of the corrupted Kate path was quite corrupt.

(Maybe I am somewhat corrupt, but my BF is very happy with me and not trying to change me (only supporting me finding my own path).)