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The 0.41.100 update is very nice.

I got a good laugh at the show down at the cafe with Harper at the (current) end of the Kate romance path.

On the cheerleader path, the swimwear store outing was mostly very fun. Didn't expect Tracy to be as much of a bully as she turned out to be. I did think of  a great retort to Tracy's comment about one piece swimsuits being for children - "What about the girls on the swim team? Or the life guard girls?"

Previously, I hadn't done the Damian path with the cheerleading path. Was very sweet for Damian to help Chelsea practice - even though he did miss catching her.

Speaking of Damian's visits to Chelsea's clubs, he visited track club before he asked her which club she was in.

And speaking of track club, the (half) track meet was good. I did notice that the story said Saturday, though game day was a Sunday (Day 63) when I played it.

My favorite scene, so far, is the curtained booth in the super fancy restaurant with Violet - very romantic and deliciously steamy/naughty.

So far, my favorite path is the subby Violet one. Which surprised me because I am not good at being either dom or sub.