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Any plans for Violet and Damien sex scene? 

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Weirdly, this game leaked to my dreams. while the names and setting were different (my former highschool and friends, there), the scene started out like lunch with Violet in the cafeteria and Damian joining us (I'll call them Vicky and Dan). My friend Vicky moaned about my friend's nerdiness and I defended "he's sweet and knows how to respect girls" I then went on to say "I'm glad you're both here - I have something to confess - I like you both and I want you both." At first, their mouths dropped open, then Vicky said "But - but -" and Dan said "You mean like a love triangle?" I said "Yes", Vicky sputtered and Dan said "Yes" then turned to Vicky "I've admired you from a distance - I admire both of you - a lot" Vicky sputtered even more, then said "Y-yes - I accept."

Silly, yes, but could be a very interesting story path. (With both subby and dommy Violet variations)

Both of them together? No.